0-6-month-old baby’s hunger full signal

Feeding breasts is not only good for the baby, but also a feeling of happiness for myself. Although I can enjoy this beautiful time close to my baby, there is a small problem that has always troubled me, that is, compared with ordinary bottle feeding, I often don’t know how much the baby eats, is it full!

Many pro -feeding mothers often have such doubts. Now let us answer the doubts of mothers, let the mothers easily grasp the baby’s hunger and full signal, let the baby eat full, and eat 100 points for nutrition!

With different growth stages of growth, the baby’s stomach is hungry and full of expression:


Typical hunger signal

The baby is calm and alert, and his eyes rotate quickly.

When his mother touched the corner of the baby’s mouth with a clean finger, he turned his head and opened his mouth to find.

The baby may start to desire to suck fingers or lips.

If the hunger signal never responds, the baby will show irritability and then cry.

Typical satiety signal

The baby is no longer interested in breastfeeding.

The baby no longer contains breasts.

The baby becomes quiet and relaxed, and it is easy to fall asleep.

4-6 months:

Typical hunger signal

Mom is roughly familiar with the baby’s hunger signal. You have a very good understanding of each other, so you have to trust each other’s usual communication mode.

Babies may suck their hands before irritability, which may also be a healthy way to comfort themselves.

It will take a few mouthfuls to feed the baby, but the baby will stop due to the dispersal of attention, and then find and restore breastfeeding again.

The baby’s crying is an eager manner, letting the mother know that she can’t wait to eat milk soon.

Typical satiety signal

Leave the breasts and turn your head away.

When the mother fed again, the baby is no longer interested.

At this stage, the efficiency of baby’s breastfeeding has been significantly improved, and might be able to complete breastfeeding in 5-10 minutes. After breastfeeding, the baby becomes quiet and satisfied.