6 months old baby’s hunger full signal

Do moms know? In different stages of growth in the baby, he has a different way of expression of hunger and fullness. The mother must know how to master these hungry and full signals, so that the baby will be satisfied when the stomach is hungry, so that the baby will feel at ease!

Typical hunger signal

1. When the baby wants breast milk or food, he will continue to cry or look irritable.

2. The baby will reach out and open his mouth to open the food in a bowl or a spoon.

3. The baby will stare at the mother while eating, as if to convey “I haven’t enough!”

4. The baby kicks and beats a tall chair or dinner plate, as if you are saying “Mom, I want to eat!”.

5. The baby will put his fingers in his mouth, irritability.

6. When the mother takes the food, the baby will be very excited.

Typical satiety signal

1. Babies who eat breast milk will turn their head away and avoid the nipples.

2. The baby will turn his head to avoid the food in the bowl or a spoon, indicating that he doesn’t want to take a bite anymore.

3. The baby closed his mouth tightly and refused to eat it again.

4. The baby spit out the food he likes to eat.

5. The baby will push any food in the bowl.

6. The baby’s eating speed is slow, the attention is not concentrated, and it looks everywhere.

7. The baby is no longer interested in eating, and his eyes are moving away from you and food.