Allergies can make the baby cry more?

My baby often cries and angry. I thought it was a bad temper. Later, I realized that it was allergic and disaster, not the baby’s fault …

In addition to taking care of their children, modern parents often have to take into account the workplace and work. Although children are always the “sweetest burden” of their parents, they must face the child’s cry when they are tired of returning home.

According to clinical discovery, the baby’s crying and poor temper is often caused by unwelling caused by allergies of children, such as itchy skin and uncomfortable breathing, which may even affect the study and concentration during the day. In order to avoid the above situation, parents are advised to start from allergies as soon as possible.

Children are easy to cry? It may be allergic calamity

According to German research, about 24%of children with allergies have emotional problems, which is equivalent to one of the five people with emotional instability. Why does allergies make the baby cry easily?

It turned out that in the outpatient observation, it was found that atopic dermatitis produced by allergies usually made the baby feel itchy, allergic rhinitis, panting nasal congestion, cough, uncomfortable breathing, etc. Of course If you ca n’t eat it, your baby has suffering, so he has to express his physical discomfort through crying, and may even affect the daily learning status or get along with his peers.

Want to do a good job of allergies: Careful choice of diet+environmental cleaning is indispensable!

In order to keep the baby away from the impact of allergies, it is recommended to start at the same time from the environment and diet.

Many parents have the concept of “anti -mites”, and they will choose to buy mites -proof products, but it is not a problem if it is not just a good environment. You should also pay attention to diet.

It is recommended that parents and dads start as soon as possible when the baby’s immune system is developed.

Many studies have pointed out that breast milk has quite a lot of nutrients that can help babies develop good constitution. At the same time, the protein molecules in breast milk are small, suitable for the baby’s not yet fully developed gastrointestinal gastrointestinal. It is recommended that mothers fed more breasts and adjust their baby’s good constitution early.