Baby in the last three months in the late pregnancy

Do my mother notice that when I enter three months after pregnancy, the baby gains weight faster and faster? That’s right, the third trimester is when the baby grows the fastest, and the functions of each organs are becoming more and more mature.

Baby in the last three months in the late pregnancy

Week 25:
After this week, the baby’s brain will gradually develop and began to have the ability to remember and think. It feels more like the mother’s prenatal church. The baby is looking forward to the mother talk to him! From now on, the baby will be a good boy. I believe that the mother can obviously feel that he is making yoga or playing boxing! In addition, the baby’s head is currently bigger than the body, and it looks a bit like an alien baby, but don’t worry, when you meet your mother, you will be a little cute when you meet your mother! In addition, the baby’s whole body is full of soft tire hair. Mom can also obviously see that his heart has two atrium and two ventricles from the ultrasound. Seeing the baby’s heart, the mother must be very excited!

The length of the fetus: about 34 cm.

Fetal weight: about 660 grams.

Week 26:
Now, the baby’s fat will accumulate quickly, which is to adapt to the preparation of the colder temperature outside the mother palace, and it is also the source of energy and calories required for the first day of the baby and mommy to meet. Moreover, the baby’s lungs are also working hard to allow him to breathe small in the amniotic fluid.

The length of the fetus: about 36 cm.

Fetal weight: about 760 grams.

Week 27:
When the baby is working hard now, he is about to fill the mother’s palace. In addition, the baby is more and more often hiccups, because the time of snoring is very short, so the mother does not feel much.

The length of the fetus: about 37 cm.

Fetal weight: about 870 grams.

Week 28:
The baby’s eyelashes grow up, is it like Mommy, or is it like a father?

The length of the fetus: about 38 cm.

Fetal weight: about 1200 grams.

Week 29:
This week, the baby’s house is getting bigger and bigger, and the uterus moves to Mummy’s navel about 7.5 to 10 cm. The baby’s skin texture will gradually decrease, the nails also begin to grow, and the skin is full of fetal hair. The development of muscle systems and nervous system functions is becoming complete, and the auditory nerves are more developed. Moms may try to play some sounds. The baby may have a response to the physical response!

The length of the fetus: about 39 cm.

Fetal weight: about 1350 grams.

Week 30:
The baby has been able to distinguish between light and darkness, and can you move back and forth with the light source. Is it very powerful? If the mother takes the belly with a small flashlight, the baby will turn his head to follow the light, and he will reach out. However, this does not mean that the baby can be seen clearly as soon as it is born, and the baby can only look at things that are very close.

The length of the fetus: about 40 cm.

Fetal weight: about 1600 grams.

Week 31:
Each examination, the doctor will observe whether the baby’s home has become larger over time. If the interval of the birth check is long, but the size of the house does not increase, it may be that the baby grows down! For example, when the mother checked at 27 weeks, the size of the baby’s house was 27 cm. By 31 weeks of inspection, it was only likely that the baby’s growth rate was too slow. Doctors would arrange for further examination and confirmation. If the baby grows slowly, the mother should quickly improve the nutritional intake method and try to rest as much as possible to allow the baby to get enough blood volume. The blood volume increases, and he can continue to grow up!

The fetus is about 41 cm in length.

The fetus weighs about 1800 grams.

Week 32:
Wow! The baby is almost 2,000 grams! He will continue to work hard to make himself strong! It’s about to be close to the time with my mother. Mom can discuss with the doctor that the production method may also encounter problems. Hurry up and clarify the doubts and prepare to meet the baby! The baby’s bones have been roughly developed, and they have begun to become hard, but the skull is still flexible, so that it can be pushed out of the production channel.

The length of the fetus: about 42 cm.

Fetal weight: about 2,000 grams.

Week 33:
The baby has been growing meat now, and heavier weight, so the small wrinkles of the skin are opened, so that he does not look like a wrinkled alien. And the baby has some fetal hair, but now the hair grows does not represent the future hair volume, so no matter whether the baby’s hair is too small or less, the mother doesn’t have to pay much attention!

The length of the fetus: about 44 cm.

Fetal weight: about 2,200 grams.

Week 34:
After 34 weeks of doctors, they can clearly know whether the baby’s lungs have been developed from the amniotic fluid. Generally speaking, the functions of babies’ organs such as cycle, breathing, digestion, and sexual organs have matured at this time!

The length of the fetus: about 45 cm.

Fetal weight: about 2,300 grams.

Week 35:
The baby is getting bigger and bigger, so he no longer uses a floating way, but is lying comfortably in Mummy’s uterus. Although the space is not very large, the baby still loves it as before, turning over for a while , Kick your legs for a while, and swing for a while. So if the mother finds that the baby does not like to move, go to the doctor quickly!

The length of the fetus: about 46 cm.

Fetal weight: about 2500 grams.

Week 36:
The baby continues to grow, but the growth rate has begun to slow down significantly. If the baby is the second child, his weight may be heavier than the body of his brother or sister! The amount of amniotic fluid will also begin to decrease. The closer to the full moon, the less the amount of amniotic fluid. The mother can feel the position of the baby. If the baby’s position is not right at this time, the opportunity to turn right is very small!

The length of the fetus: about 47 cm.

Fetal weight: about 2700 grams.

Week 37:
Both the appearance or the function of the body have become mature, and the baby can already survive independently outside the mother’s body! The fetal fat is covered with the baby’s whole body, especially the underarms and the groin, and the fetal hair has completely disappeared. At this time, the baby’s head will completely enter the mother’s pelvic cavity and compress the mother’s bladder and intestine, so the mother seems to feel frequent urination!

The length of the fetus: about 49 cm.

Fetal weight: about 2800 ~ 2900 grams.

Week 38:
The baby’s weight continues to increase, and his little hand can be clenched tightly. When he meets with his mother, he can use the baby’s little hand to shake hands with Mummy’s little finger, so excited!

A thin layer of fluff and white fetal fats that were originally covered by the baby gradually fell off and disappeared, so now his skin has become smooth, and he can meet his mother.

The length of the fetus: about 50 cm.

Fetal weight: about 3,000 grams.

Week 39:
The baby’s fat continues to increase, so that it can control their body temperature after birth, and the baby’s organs are completely positioned. They are so happy that they can meet the mother, so they will always look forward to it. If the mother finds that the baby’s activity is reduced, it may be the symptom of the problem. You should contact the doctor quickly!

The fetus is about 51 cm in length.

The fetus weighs about 3200 grams.

Week 40:
I lived in my mother’s stomach for 10 months, and the baby finally came out! However, the baby can’t see it clearly. At this time, the mother’s voice and hug can bring your baby with peace of mind!

The length of the fetus: about 52 cm.

Fetal weight: about 3,400 grams.