Baby’s three -month growth journey in the middle of pregnancy

Moms will find that compared with the three months before pregnancy, the degree of bulging in the middle of pregnancy has become obvious. At the same time, the mother can also feel that the baby is dancing in hand, which is commonly known as “fetal movement”. Let’s see what the baby is going to look like now, what is the growth journey of what looks like now!

The big journey of the baby in the middle of the baby in the middle of pregnancy

Week 13: The baby’s eyes have grown, but it is covered by a layer of eyelids, and nothing can be seen! However, the position of the eyes has been concentrated on both sides of the nose. It is not very open as before, and the baby starts to grow eyebrows and nose bridges. At the same time, the ears are also moved to both sides of the head. It has the shape of the full face! During this time, the baby will have a lot of changes. From the transformation of the small embryo of the person’s prototype to a small fetus, not only does the appearance grow more and more like people, the bones and muscles of the body will become harder, and even the body Various functions are about to start.
The length of the fetus: about 7 cm.
Fetal weight: about 20 grams.

Week 14: The baby is about the size of a lemon, and the body grows faster than the head. In addition, at this time, the baby will squint eyes, frown, and ghost face, and the baby’s face muscles can be fully exercised.
The length of the fetus: about 9 cm.
Fetal weight: about 40 grams.

Week 15: The baby’s organs are looking for their own position, such as the heart, a higher place (close to the baby’s neck), but recently the heart has begun to move to the bottom place, which is called “chest cavity”, and lungs. Will also move here. Most of the internal organs will gradually begin to enter the normal operation stage in this month. The baby’s small palace suddenly increased, and the space became larger! (Because the amniotic fluid has increased)
The length of the fetus: about 10 cm.
Fetal weight: about 70 grams.

Week 16: The baby is as large as a pear. Next, he will go through an amazing period of growth sprint, which will double the weight, and the body will become longer. In addition, the baby’s facial features slowly began to be in place. Although the eyes are still closed, they will slowly move. And it has begun to grow to the toenails. If it is not good, the baby has to cut her nails not long after birth. Do n’t be scared by your mother!
The length of the fetus: about 12 cm.
Fetal weight: about 100 grams.

Week 17: The baby can hear the sound of the mother singing! Now the baby’s hearing development is very mature. Not only can he hear the sound of the organs in the mother’s belly, but also the sound outside the stomach, so yesterday Dad said to the baby, “I love you”, he heard it! Also, although the eyes are still covered with the eyelids, the baby can already feel the light, so if the mother uses a flashlight to look at the belly, he may frown because the light is too dazzling! The doctor also said that the baby’s nervous system has been completed at this stage, so the baby’s activities have become self -consciousness. If through ultrasound examination, the mother can see that he is kicking, lazy, and thumbs up.
The length of the fetus: about 13 cm.
Fetal weight: about 140 grams.

Week 18: The length of the baby’s body is about the length of a big sweet potato from scratch to butt. Did the mother feel that the baby is exercising every day? He has been busy practicing the left dangling, right uppercut, and Foshan without shadow!
The length of the fetus: about 14 cm.
Fetal weight: about 190 grams.

Week 19: The baby has always been “follow the waves” in the mother’s palace, that is, as the amniotic fluctuations are constantly flipping, and the telephone line (umbilical cord) with a length of about 60 cm in the future, one accidentally goes around if you accidentally go around. Baby. The doctor explained that “umbilical cord around the neck” is actually a very common scene. As long as the baby is flipped again, it may be relieved. However, the doctor also emphasized that although the umbilical cord around the neck has a case of death, there are not many. Half of the baby is in the condition of the umbilical cord around the neck when he was born. It can come safely. As long as the mother’s regular check -up can be at ease!
The length of the fetus: about 15 cm.
Fetal weight: about 240 grams.

Week 20: At this time, the development of the baby’s external reproductive organs at this time can make the doctor distinguish the gender under the ultrasound, but some babies are more shy and will be covered intentionally. During the checkup, see if he has become generous! Some mothers will do a “amniotic stab” examination. Doctors say that this examination can not only know that the baby is healthy, but the chromosome is not normal!
Fetal length: about 16 cm
Fetal weight: about 300 grams

Week 21: The baby is doing bodybuilding gymnastics all the time, about 50 times an hour, and the amount of exercise is sufficient. When my mother was at work, she kept moving, and it seemed that she didn’t feel the baby. However, my mother did not move when she was resting at night, so it would be easier to feel the baby’s activity.
The length of the fetus: about 26 cm.
Fetal weight: about 360 grams.

Week 22: The baby will drink amniotic fluid now! The baby feels that the taste of drinking is different every time. Today is the sweet, fruitful taste, is the mother drink fruit milk, or is it a comprehensive fruit juice? The baby’s digestive organs are beginning to develop, so they have accumulated stools (fetal stools) in the rectum. However, the baby will not stool casually, because the baby needs to drink clean amniotic fluid, so the mother doesn’t have to worry too much!
The length of the fetus: about 27 cm.
Fetal weight: about 430 grams.

Week 23: The baby’s lung blood vessels are developing so that he can breathe in the future, but it takes several months in the complete lung development, because the lungs are the final organic organ. So mother, you have to protect your baby, don’t let him come out too early, otherwise the baby’s lungs have not yet developed, and there will be problems with difficulty breathing.
The length of the fetus: about 29 cm.
Fetal weight: about 500 grams.

Week 24: From a small egg, it has been 6 months since it has been for 6 months. The baby is already a little baby with a bone! If my mother can grab me first to take X -ray (of course, it is impossible), you can clearly see the baby’s skull, spine, ribs, hands, and leg bones.
The length of the fetus: about 30 cm.
Fetal weight: about 600 grams.