Common discomfort in the late pregnancy

I feel that my baby grows up quickly at this stage, and the weight of my belly becomes heavier. I started to be a little uncomfortable. What should I do to relieve it?

After finally spending a comfortable pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy, she entered the late pregnancy because the baby grew up quickly, and the mother’s burden also increased. Therefore, some uncomfortable discomforts in the late pregnancy. What kind of situation can the mother encounter?

Physical change

● Poor sleep: Some parts of the body like the weight of the uterus, fetus, etc., which compress the mother’s body, or other mood changes make the sleep quality not good.

● Disease Pain: Hormone in the late pregnancy will release the ligament of the mother’s pelvic cavity, which will make the pelvic space larger, so that the fetus can move to the pelvis to benefit the mother’s production. However Essence

● Back pain: The baby and the uterus become larger, so that the mother’s body’s center of gravity is leaning forward.

● Constipation: Due to the influence of hormones in pregnancy, the intestinal peristalsis becomes slow. In addition, the baby compresses the mother’s intestines, making the food more slower through the intestinal speed. After the water absorbs, it will become difficult.

● Edema: The changes in hormones increase the absorption of water in the mother’s body. A large amount of liquid accumulates in the body. In addition, the larger uterus and the baby oppressed the blood circulation in the lower body.

● Sour feet, foot cramps: Moms have increased significantly, the weight of her legs is increased, and her leg muscles have been fatal for a long time.

● It is easy to feel dizzy (anemia): In addition to the need for the hyperplasia of the mother’s own body tissue in the late pregnancy, the babies in the abdomen have increased the iron demand for iron. Intersection

Although there are more physical changes that make the mother feel more troubled in the late pregnancy. Fortunately, when the baby is born, these phenomena will disappear! Next, we will also provide more practical nutritional advice and accompany my mother to health through the late pregnancy!