DHA is a must -have nutrition for pregnant women? Learn DHA supplementation methods

I often hear DHA when I hear pregnancy, but I do n’t know what it is, and what are the benefits of my baby …

I often hear “I need to add DHA and need to eat more fish oil”, but I do n’t know what DHA is at all, and what is the benefit of DHA for my baby. “DHA is the key pregnancy nutrition during the initial development of the baby” is the best interpretation of DHA in pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that each pregnant mother must know DHA well.

This article shares the DHA supplementary principle. The content covers DHA efficacy, DHA supplement timing, and how to eat DHA foods, as well as the principle of DHA supplementary product selection to allow pregnant moms to take a sufficient amount of DHA and support the healthy development of the baby.

What is DHA? What are the effects of DHA? Omega-3 DHA is the key to the healthy growth of the baby
DHA belongs to the diverse unsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 series, which is very important for the development of babies in the early stages of pregnancy. The composition of about 30%of the brain fatty acids is DHA. If the baby takes enough DHA to support the normal development of the baby’s cognitive ability. Therefore, DHA in Omega-3 is a very critical nutrition for the baby.

For mothers, DHA is also an indispensable fatty acid. Supplementing the right amount of DHA during pregnancy can help mothers maintain good breast milk composition in the future, so that the mother can continue to provide the baby with sufficient DHA through breast milk to help the baby grow up healthily.

DHA has been supplemented from the beginning of pregnancy, so that DHA will participate in the baby’s development throughout the process

After understanding the importance of DHA, Mommy must be curious “when to start adding DHA?”. In fact, since the beginning of pregnancy, DHA has participated in the normal development of the baby’s brain, eyes and nerves. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms, the sooner the DHA starts to take.

When should DHA eat? Before the second pregnancy until the baby is two years old, it is still a critical period for the baby to rely on DHA. Therefore, it is reminded that pregnant mommy needs to supplement DHA from the beginning of pregnancy and to breastfeeding to allow DHA to participate in the baby’s rapid growth period.

Add 200mg dha daily to strengthen the healthy development of the baby

During pregnancy, the DHA concentration in pregnant women will continue to decrease, while the decline ratio during breastfeeding is higher. If the DHA in the body is not enough, the baby cannot get enough DHA, which will affect the baby’s healthy growth. Therefore, taking an appropriate amount of DHA every day is also one of the main topics of pregnant mommy.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids, the World Association of PerinaTal M Edicine and other suggestions, during pregnancy, daily, daily It should be added with an additional 200 mg DHA, which is good for mothers and fetal health.

Because the ability of the baby to synthesize DHA is still developing, the mother’s diet has become the only source of the baby’s DHA. Therefore, it is very important to obtain a sufficient amount of DHA from food and fish oil.

The following shares two small diet methods, so that Mommy will no longer worry about how to take DHA.

DHA diet method 1: Eat more fish rich in DHA

Edible specific fish and egg yolk can be taken in DHA. Such as autumn saury, salmon, etc., the DHA content is particularly rich. (Due to different growth environments such as seasons and regions, the content of fish species DHA has changed greatly). However, Mummy needs to note that it is generally believed that the varieties with higher mercury residues such as horses, flagfish, and catfish may affect health.

▲ Specific fish rich in DHAs such as salmon are natural foods that moms can take DHA

Including DHA food name, DHA content (milligram/per 100 grams of food) reference
Autumn saury: 1398
Sardine: 1136
Salmon: 820
Bamboo catfish: 748
Sea eel: 661

DHA diet method 2: DHA nutritional supplements to assist daily diet

Because DHA is easy to oxidize and is fast loss during the cooking process, it is recommended that the mother suggests that if there is supplementary needs, you can choose a sufficient amount of DHA nutrition products such as fish oil or nutritional supplies during pregnancy. Daily Dhajin’s recommended intake.

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Frequently question analysis of DHA: Fish oil is not the point, the important thing is DHA
Supplement DHA, you can eat fish oil, and you can eat nutritional products of pregnant women. DHA products are dazzling, teach people to be dazzling, how to choose. Do n’t worry about pregnant moms. The following sorting DHA common questions so that Mommy will supplement DHA without confusion.

DHA common questions 1: Should pregnant women supplement DHA, should they eat fish oil?

It is not only fish oil to be able to supplement DHA’s supplement. Pregnant women can still obtain enough DHA through many pregnancy nutrients and pregnant women. Therefore, whether choosing fish oil or pregnant women’s life, choosing dha with sufficient nutritional products is the focus.

DHA common question 2: How do vegetarians take DHA?

If pregnant moms are usually vegetarian, they cannot obtain DHA through fish and fish oil. It is recommended that she can supplement a sufficient amount of DHA through the life of pregnant women containing DHA, bringing key nutrients to the baby, and allowing the baby to grow healthily healthily.

DHA common question 3: How to choose DHA nutrition products?

Moms need to be very diverse during pregnancy. If each nutrients need to prepare a nutritional product, it will also cause the psychological burden of mummy. At present, many pregnant women supplement products, 1 capsule on one day, can supplement vitamins, DHA and minerals a day. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms, without limited to fish oil, can try to add supplementary products from international factories, patented technology, and containing sufficient DHA.

Find your own DHA intake method and help your baby grow up healthy
Whether Mommy wants to get DHA from natural food, fish oil, or even supplementary products for pregnant women, it is the best way to find the most suitable way of DHA for you.

When does DHA pregnant woman eat? Should I start to supplement DHA in the early pregnancy?

DHA is an important fatty acid required for fetal growth and development, especially the highest proportion of DHA in the brain and eye tissues. Therefore, the United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization (FAO) and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) suggest that pregnant women suggest that they need to increase DHA in diet. The intake amount per day at least 200 mg to ensure that the mother maintains the sufficient DHA in her body to meet the baby’s growth needs.

Fish with high oil content, such as sardines, catfish, etc., can help supplement DHA required for pregnancy. In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that pregnant women should avoid high -concentration and heavy metal contaminated fish species, such as sharks, flagfish, etc. If you eat this kind of fish, you should restrict the weekly intake of not more than 12 ounces (370 grams) Essence

Pregnant women who do not eat fish are not easy to take enough DHA from food, so you can consider taking fish oil supplements.