Early pregnancy diet plan: complete pregnancy diet menu

From the moment of pregnancy, the food that the pregnant mother eats decides what the baby in the belly absorbs, and some mothers will have questions, “Compared with before pregnancy, is there some diet after pregnancy to change?”

This article will focus on diet planning in the early stages of pregnancy, diet taboos in the early stages of pregnancy, and give it to the mother who has just been promoted into a mother. Some pregnant diet suggestions, which allows mothers and babies to eat healthy and healthy!

In the early stages of pregnancy, the focus is not on food, but nutrition during pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is an important stage of fetal brain and neurological development. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet, replenishing nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals through various foods, which can help babies grow healthy and developed. However, should pregnant mumans increase daily food intake for nutritional supplements?

In fact, at this pregnancy, no additional calories are required. Pregnant mom needs to absorb the nutrition of two people, but it does not mean that pregnant moms need to eat twice the amount of food. Therefore, the planning of pregnant moms in the early stages of pregnancy, as long as it maintains a balanced diet, takes complete nutrition during pregnancy, and continues to maintain the diet before pregnancy, there is no problem.

Diet plan in early pregnancy: Arrange six categories of foods, and supplement nutrition during pregnancy

Six categories of food can provide pregnant moms with nutrients such as heat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients required for pregnancy. Balanced ingesting six categories of food is the first step in diet planning in the early stages of pregnancy.

The following introduces the nutrients that the six categories of food can bring, and the daily measures are recommended to allow the mummy to fulfill the nutrition in the early stages of pregnancy.

(1) The whole valley rhizome class

The whole grain root foods can provide sufficient calories to meet the metabolic needs of the fetus and pregnant mummy. It is recommended to take 10-12 copies daily.

(2) Beanfish meat eggs

Beanfish eggs are usually rich in many high -quality proteins. Protein can support the development of the baby’s organs. It is a very important nutrient. It is recommended to take 4-6 copies daily.

(3) Low -fat dairy category

Low -fat dairy products can bring rich calcium to mothers and babies, maintain the mother’s bone health, and also support the growth of bone bones. It is recommended to take 1.5 copies daily. On the other hand, low -fat dairy products can avoid mothers from taking too much fat and control the heat during pregnancy.

(4) Vegetables

Vegetables can bring vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber for mothers and fetuses. The nutrients that can bring different colors of vegetables are different. For example, spinach contains a lot of folic acid, which helps the fetus to develop normally. It is recommended that Mommy should take a variety of vegetables to obtain balanced nutrition and take 3-4 copies of vegetables a day.

(5) Fruit

Vitamin and minerals in fruits are extremely high, such as vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid and other nutrients, which can help the fetus grow up healthy. 2-3 copies are recommended daily.

(6) Oil and nuts seeds

It is recommended that pregnant moms, when preparing for diet in the early stages of pregnancy, can choose oil products with high unsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil and sunflower oil, which will help Mommy’s cardiovascular health. It is recommended to take 4-6 copies of oil and nuts daily to maintain balanced nutrition.

Maybe there are many pregnant moms, and how to measure the amount of portion often hurt their brains. There are some simple ways here to allow mothers to easily use the tools that have any ones to learn how much amount to eat!

Full Valley Rhizome: 4 parts = 1 bowl (200 grams)
Beanfish meat eggs: 1 copy = about half a palm, 2 parts = about one palm, 3 copies = about one palm
Low -fat dairy category: 1 copy = 1 cup (240 ml)
Vegetables: 1 copy = about a bowl of 5 minutes full (cooked vegetables)
Fruits: 1 copy = about 8 points for a bowl (cut, grain)
Oil and nuts seeds: 1 copy = one teasp (5 grams)

In addition, water has participated in many physiological reactions in the baby and mother’s body. It should drink enough water, and there is no strict restrictions in the intake. It is recommended that pregnant moms, drink at least 1200-1500ml per day.

Don’t forget folic acid, DHA and iron in the early stages of pregnancy. Babies’ learning development depends on special nutrients
In addition to the three major nutritional equilibrium supplements in the early stages of pregnancy, it also needs sufficient intake of specific nutrients, such as folic acid, DHA, calcium, iron, iodine, vitamin B6, vitamin D, etc. Essence

Among them, folic acid, DHA, and iron participation in the early stages of pregnancy is particularly important, which can help babies learn and develop. Under the premise of unchanging the calories of mothers, in order to obtain nutrient requirements that can increase due to pregnancy, mothers can choose specific foods containing folic acid, DHA (such as fish oil) and iron (such as iron) Or a comprehensive nutritional supplement to achieve the purpose of supplementing nutrients.

Start paying attention to diet safety in the early pregnancy to give yourself the safest nutrition of you and your baby
In addition to referring to the “Diet Suggestions in the Early Pregnancy” introduced above, reminding pregnant moms should pay attention to diet safety, allow pregnant moms and babies to prepare a diet in the early stages of pregnancy, take care of nutrition during pregnancy, and let the baby grow healthy in the fetus.

The precautions for diet safety are as follows:

(1) The ingredients are really processed

Some ingredients are like meat, and they must be cooked until they are cooked to avoid the problem of microbial pollution. Moms who like to eat sashimi or lettuce salads, for the time of their own health, have to endure it!

(2) Keep cleaning

Whether it is tableware, cutting boards, and the hands and ingredients that handle the ingredients, they should be cleaned, keep hygiene and clean, and give themselves a safe meal for themselves and the baby.

(3) Food packaging and labeling

Careful information about the accidental packaging can also avoid eating inferior foods, such as the source of food origin, the validity period of food, and nutritional label. Pregnant moms are recommended to choose fresh food in the season, and the nutritional score is cheap.

What are the diet taboos in the early stages of pregnancy?

From the moment when you are pregnant with your baby and entering the beginning of pregnancy, the pregnant mummy starts to worry about the baby in the fetus. He is afraid that the current eating habits will hurt your baby. The following sharing diet taboos in the early stages of pregnancy, helping mothers avoid NG food, prepare foods with full nutritional value, and share with the baby.

Early diet taboos:

  • Excessive intake of sugary drinks, such as soda and sugar juice
  • Dalvation wine, such as beer, red wine
  • Excessive ingestion of caffeine drinks, such as tea and coffee
  • Eat raw food and sashimi
  • Processing food with high sodium content
  • Eat too much sweets such as sweets, fried objects and other low nutritional value
  • Supplementing unknown pregnant women health food
  • Start planning diet in the early stages of pregnancy from today, promise to be a better future with the baby
  • Pregnant moms, as long as you refer to the early pregnancy diet plan, and don’t forget the supplementation of folic acid, DHA, and iron, you
  • can get very complete pregnancy nutrition. Not only can you survive the pregnancy, but also help your baby in the fetus thrive to grow up Essence