Fresh milk is not suitable for baby

Aiko is eager. In order to make the baby grow tall and strong, many mothers think that letting the baby drink fresh milk can accelerate the baby’s growth — big mistakes! We have to tell our mother: Fresh milk is not suitable for young babies, and why it is not suitable.

Do you know? They are also “milk”. Breast milk is not the same as fresh milk! The differences in these composition content are greatly impact for our baby!

At this stage, it will be provided if you use fresh milk to replace breast milk to your baby, it will …

Make your baby easy to dehydrate:

Because the protein content of fresh milk is too high, the baby’s kidney has not yet matured, and it cannot metabolize so much protein, causing the solution of the baby’s body fluid to be too high. Desequent state.

Make your baby easily iron deficiency:

The iron content in fresh milk is very low. The baby cannot ingest enough iron, and the long -term lack of anemia can easily cause babies. Although the iron content in breast milk is not high, it is a good iron type, so there will be no iron deficiency problem.

Make your baby’s calcium absorption poor:

Mom must think that fresh milk has a high calcium content, which is most suitable for the baby’s long bones. In fact, this is not the case! The degree of absorption of calcium by the baby depends on the “appropriate calcium phosphorus ratio”. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus in fresh milk is not conducive to the absorption of the baby. Although the calcium in the mother milk is not as high as fresh milk, it has an appropriate calcium phosphorus ratio ratio , So easy to absorb and use. Excessive fresh milk but unable to absorb the calcium into the bones, which will be excreted from the kidneys, thereby increasing the burden on the baby’s kidney.

It is easy to cause the baby to be sensitive:

1. At this time, the baby’s immune system is easy to cause allergies for the larger protein of the molecular. The protein molecules in fresh milk are large. If the baby is drinking, it is easy to cause allergies.

2. In fact, many general formulas are arranged based on the protein of milk sources. If it is treated without professional technical treatment, it still contains macromolecular milk protein, which is still easy to cause baby’s milk protein allergy!

3. The protein in mother milk is mainly whey protein, accounting for 60-80%, and case protein only accounts for 20-40%. Milky protein is mainly based on α-milk spherical protein, but the milk protein of milk is mainly based on β-lactomin. These differences make milk easily cause an allergic response.

It is easy to cause your baby to over -obese:

The protein in milk is not only different from the mother milk, but also the amino acid composition is also different from breast milk. Some amino acid composition of milk is more likely to cause insulin secretion, which in turn forms body fat, causing obesity in the infant period It is possible to continue to cause metabolic diseases after adulthood.

The composition of fatty acids is different:

The fat is mainly triglyceride, and the milk contains more oleic acid (18 ole acid) that is better to absorb, but milk contains more clinic acid (4 carbonic acid), sheep wax acid (10 carbonic acid), sheep oil acid (6 carbonic acid ), Sheep fat acid (7 carbonate), and the essential fatty acid linoleic acid and sub -linolenic acid contained in mother milk are more sufficient than milk. These are related to the health and development of the baby.

Cannot build intestinal healthy bacteria:

The baby is developing the fungus cluster in the intestinal tract for 0-6 months. The oligosaccharide content of fresh milk is low, and there is no way to provide it to the growth of the bacteria.