Frozen technology helps you pregnant!

Modern men and women get married late, especially after women (35 years old), they get married, which is even more unfavorable to conceive! Coupled with the effect of mature actresses, “Ice Egg” has become a hot topic of unmarried but drawing alert women today! Young or healthy sperm, egg embryo or freezing can retain the first -line vitality for future births. However, the most original intention of frozen eggs is medical considerations before cancer treatment, or the condition of long -distance couples. What are the advantages of frozen eggs or embryos and places to consider?

The purpose of frozen eggs

Because late marriage has become a social trend, and the beginning of some unmarried light mature or mature female stars, more and more women have recently hoped to freeze eggs! In fact, the original intention of frozen eggs is not the case. The detailed description below:

The earliest was used before the treatment of cancer for cancer

This is the most original intention and the most common situation! Gong Fucai, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kaohsiung Geng Geng Hospital, said that in the past, frozen eggs were only used in patients with some cancers (such as lymphoma, breast cancer, rectal cancer, etc.); The eggs are frozen, so there may be such a need whether it is a married or unmarried woman. If you are a married woman, in addition to frozen eggs, you can also choose frozen embryos, because frozen embryo is more mature than the technology of frozen eggs, and the power of pregnancy in the future is also high.

Worried women who are aging eggs, let the eggs “frozen age”!

If a woman does not have a plan to have a child at present, if the young egg was taken out of the body at the time, frozen at a liquid nitrogen below 196 ° C, and the frozen eggs were kept at the age of the time, that is, the egg was “frozen age old age. “It’s! For example, a 33 -year -old woman frozen eggs, at the age of 38, remained at 33 years old.

Men will always make sperm, so sperm will not have a problem of aging. Women are not the same. The eggs already exist when they are born. They are a few years old and a few years old. Facing the problem of egg aging, once the embryo is formed, it is not easy to bed, and the quality is not good, so it is not easy to get pregnant! Therefore, some people think that when you are young and healthy, you should freeze the eggs, so that you need to get pregnant and the embryo is healthier when you use it.

Medically, after women are 27 years old, the quality of eggs may begin to decline. Nowadays, after 33 or 34 or 35 years old, the quality of eggs has begun to fall, and it is even more obvious after the age of 40! The most difficult thing in the field of reproductive medicine is the problem of aging of eggs that cannot be reversed, so the most ideal response method is to get married faster, the better the more fertility; however, the late marriage is an inevitable trend in today’s society, so that fertility must be extended backwards! So what ways can women not face the problem of egg aging even if they get married late? Frozen eggs are a way!

Therefore, in addition to the above -mentioned medical purposes, frozen eggs have gradually gradually frozen eggs based on future fertility planning, so as to freeze the eggs in the future.

The egg donor can be used in the cycle or freezes, etc.

In addition, if women do not have an ovarian (ovarian premature aging) or ovarian resection, or too much, the ovarian function worse, or although there is an ovarian, it is abnormal, making each pregnancy fail, and the donor’s eggs can be considered. Medically, it is possible to use the situation at present. If it may not be used immediately, you can also consider freezing the donor’s eggs first, and thaw it when other women need it. This is a way to have a child when you have a child and have no good eggs when you have a good egg!

Other cases

For example, in the treatment of IVF, infertile wives have taken eggs, but because of tension and other factors, they can freeze the wife’s eggs first, and when the gentleman can take out the sperm, thaw.

The purpose of frozen sperm

Before the male treatment of cancer

The method of frozen sperm is much simpler than frozen eggs. The original intention, like women, can freeze a healthy sperm before men’s cancer treatment. After the treatment is over, it is very common to want a wife to be thawed when conceived.

Long -distance and couple

There are more and more long -distance couples in modern society. It may be because of work. Since the gentleman cannot cooperate with his wife’s menstrual cycle, you can freeze sperm in advance. When the wife enters the ovulation period There are many successful cases of IVF).

“Long -distance couples” usually have less work because of work relationships, and can be used as artificial conception (no test tube baby).

When will the embryo be frozen?

1. Artificial reproduction will take multiple eggs at a time to bred an excess embryo. This time, it can be freezed without use. It can be thawed next time.

2. Women that stimulate ovulation may have an ovarian stimulation syndrome. Women’s body will have severe discomfort, weakness, nausea and vomiting, abdominal distension, ascites, asthma, etc. Based on safety considerations, they have to stop subsequent treatment and let patients recover as soon as possible.

3. After the ovulation is stimulated, women have unexpected conditions, such as adverse reactions, water accumulation in the uterine cavity, and not suitable for embryos immediately. , Can only be saved all of the embryos temporarily, and later optional implantation.