Guidelines for breastfeeding: feeding posture and diet principles

However, during the baby’s breastfeeding, the breastfeeding mom also encountered many problems such as the correct posture of breastfeeding, breastfeeding diet, etc., and she was annoyed. This article will introduce the correct breastfeeding posture, breastfeeding diet proposal, and the method of promoting milk secretion to solve the troubles of breastfeeding mothers.

Breast milk is a source of protective factors and nutritional sources for babies, helping the baby grow up healthy
Breast milk contains all protective factors and nutrients that promote the healthy growth of the baby, and also have a lot of benefits to the mother. We will be divided into baby face and mother to introduce the advantages of breastfeeding.

The advantages of breastfeeding for babies

(1) The protection factor and nutritional component tailor -made for the baby
Breast milk is specially designed for babies. Natural and perfect protective factors and source of nutritional ingredients. Because milk contains 3 major protection factors, namely Roy’s breast milk, HMO breast emulscose, and breast milk protein. In addition to providing baby’s natural immunity, the three major protective factors can be added to each other, allowing the baby’s immunity to upgrade.

(2) Easy to digest and absorb, and provide nutrition required for growth
Breast milk can shape the most healthy environment for the baby’s digestive system. And the protein contained in breast milk is naturally gentle and easy to digest for babies. The protein composition is designed by the growth of the baby, which meets the baby’s nutritional needs.

The advantages of breastfeeding for mothers

(1) Reduce future health risks
Breastfeeding can reduce the incidence of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in the future.

(2) Help mother recover postpartum body after giving birth
Breastfeeding can stimulate the body to release oxytocin and help the uterine contraction. Mom’s uterus can return to the size before childbirth, and can also improve the bleeding status in the early stages of delivery. In addition, it can even help her mother back to her body before pregnancy.

(3) Establish an intimate connection with the baby to help the mother reduce stress
Feeding the baby can help the mother and the baby build a close connection, and the contact between the skin and the eyes can give each other a unique intimacy. During breastfeeding, contacting the baby’s body will stimulate hormones, help the mother relax and feel at ease, and reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

The correct breastfeeding posture can continue the willingness of mother breastfeeding
When breastfeeding, the feeding posture is incorrect, which will make the mother extremely nervous and uncomfortable; the baby will not be able to hold the entire nipple and areola, and then pull the nipples to hurt the mother’s breasts. Therefore, the correct breastfeeding posture can not only prevent breast injury, but also help the mother to maintain breastfeeding for the baby.

We will introduce a few simple breastfeeding positions to our mother, and let the mother feed the baby smoothly.

Balanced diet during lactation, comprehensively improved breast milk secretion and quality of breast milk

During breastfeeding, novice mothers will be more cautious about diet. After all, if the mother is insufficient, not only will reduce the amount of breast milk, but the quality of breast milk will also decrease, which will affect the baby’s development. Therefore, the mother’s diet during lactation needs to be diversified to meet all aspects of pregnancy nutrition.

The following column introduces the principle of breastfeeding diet:

Feel enough fruits and vegetables: vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers in vegetables and vegetables can stimulate mother’s appetite and promote milk secretion
Supplement high -quality protein: Mommy can obtain high -quality protein through fish, eggs, chicken and other foods
Calcium supplement: Through milk or dairy products, replenish enough calcium, it is helpful for the mother and baby’s bones
Take sufficient water: You can use water or soup water to help your mother make milk and increase milk secretion

Three methods promote milk secretion and make the mother breastfeeding successfully
In addition to eating milk, it can effectively promote milk secretion, and there are some ways to help mothers secrete more milk. Here are three methods that can promote milk secretion, help mothers increase milk secretion, and make mothers breastfeeding successfully.

(1) Feed breastfeeding as soon as possible
After production, due to changes in the hormones in the mother’s body, it will be prepared for breastfeeding and starts to secrete breast milk. At this time, if the baby’s breast milk is fed immediately and the body needs breastfeeding, it will start secreting milk to achieve the baby’s breast milk needed.

(2) Frequent breastfeeding
The secretion of breast milk requires sufficient stimulation to secrete enough milk. Frequent feeding your baby, and each time you feed for more than 15 minutes, you can have enough irritation to the body, and the milk will be secreted quickly.

(3) Keep a good mood
Mom’s mood will affect the secretion of milk. Under anxiety and pressure, it usually hinders the normal secretion of hormones. Therefore, it is recommended that moms should seek relaxation of the pipeline appropriately, maintain good sleep, and relax in the mood. Don’t worry too much about lack of milk.

Breastfeeding Q & A sort out to answer the trouble of breastfeeding mothers

In addition to the lactation knowledge introduced above, mothers have many small troubles. We have also sorted out several most common breastfeeding problems to solve the troubles of mothers’ breastfeeding:

1. Mother -to -menstrual visits during breastfeeding, will the amount of milk decrease?
Before the menstrual visits, the hormones fluctuated in the body, which caused the concentration of blood calcium in the body to change. Some breastfeeding mothers may have a decrease in milk volume a few days before menstruation. However, as long as the mother continues to breastfeed her baby, breast milk milk will continue to secrete and make up for the amount of breast milk. A few days later, hormonal secretion resumed balance, and the amount of milk secretion returned to normal.

2. During breastfeeding, can my mother drink coffee?
During breastfeeding, mothers can drink coffee, but they must take in moderation. The daily caffeine intake is recommended to control it within 300 mg. If the mother drinks a lot of coffee for a long time, caffeine is excluded into breast milk, which can easily cause the baby to be irritable and difficult to fall asleep.

3. Can breastfeeding mothers eat sashimi?
It is recommended that my mother is mainly cooked food during breastfeeding. Because raw food usually contains bacteria and cannot determine freshness. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers try to avoid raw food and eat them before eating.

4. Can I drink alcohol during breastfeeding?
Drinking during breastfeeding will affect the amount of milk secretion and affect the baby’s development. It is recommended to avoid drinking for the baby’s health. If the mother wants to relax, according to the feeding suggestions of the infant feeding of the Taiwan Pediatric Medicine Association, the amount of drinking should be controlled. Alcohol will quickly enter milk, allowing the baby to fall asleep due to the high concentration of alcohol, which will not only affect growth, but also the amount of milk secretion will also be suppressed.

5. Do breastfeeding mothers need to avoid chocolate?
The effect of chocolate on the baby is similar to that of caffeine. For example, if you take the amount of chocolate during breastfeeding, it will still affect your baby. However, if my mother likes chocolate, eating a little occasionally will help slow down the mammary mother’s depression in her diet. In the case of good mood, it also helps milk secretion.

6. Can it be breastfeeding when there are mastitis?
The best way to treat mastitis is to try to eliminate milk. Therefore, it is also recommended that Mommy continued to breastfeed. The redness and pain of mastitis will greatly affect Mommy’s life. It is seriously needed to be treated. It is recommended that mommy should usually empty the milk and avoid nipple injuries to reduce the possibility of bad bacteria in the breast.

In terms of daily diet, try to maintain a balanced diet as much as possible. You can also adjust the physiological function of mummy through Nutrition of LC40 to maintain the balanced environmental balance in the breast and prevent mastitis.