How much weight should I increase before pregnancy?

“In order to make my baby grow up healthy, should we start to eat more foods than usual? The elders around me said that I was too thin, and I always encouraged me to increase a few kilograms …”

0-2 kg is limited

The weight gain is not the focus of early pregnancy for mothers! It is generally recommended that mothers gain weight in the early stages of pregnancy, which is limited to 0-2 kg. At this time, the baby’s development in the belly will not consume a lot of energy. The baby needs the increase in key nutrients (such as folic acid), and the baby needs Not the increase in calories.

Calorie intake: 1450-2100 card per day

The heat needs of mothers in the early pregnancy are similar to before pregnancy. According to the strength of the mother’s life, the calorie intake should be controlled between 1450-2100 calories per day.

At the same time, mothers must understand that eating well is very important. For example, a cup of 700cc of pearl milk tea and 2 bowls of brown rice are provided with about 700 calories. In addition to starch, brown rice includes fiber, vitamin B group and various types Minerals, but pearl milk tea only provides calories, none of the nutrients. Remind mothers to choose foods with high nutritional value as a source of diet to meet the baby’s growth needs.

Moms want to know if they are too thin or too much before pregnancy and early pregnancy. You can refer to the following forms*and ask professional nutritionists. They will give appropriate diet and calorie suggestions for the situation.

The World Health Organization suggested to measure the degree of obesity with the Body Mass Index (BMI), and the calculation formula is to divide the height (meter) square meters of body height (kg).

It is recommended that adult BMIs should be maintained between 18.5-24, which is best for the health of the body.

Definition of adult obesity: physical quality index BMI (kg/m 2)

Over light: BMI <18.5
Normal: 18.5 i BMI <24
Overweight: 24 i BMI <27
Mild obesity: 27 m BMI <30
Moderate obesity: 30 m BMI <35
Severe obesity: BMI 胖 35

BMI = weight (kg)/height (meter) 2