How to control weight in late pregnancy?

It is said that the baby will grow quickly and heavier at this stage. Should I eat more to help the baby?

5-6 kg is limited

Starting in the late pregnancy, the baby’s weight gain is rapid, and the week will increase by 15-30g, and the weight of the placenta will also increase (the placenta weighs 500-650g in the ninth month!), But it is definitely not encouraging the mother to increase weight without control, because At this stage, many mothers gain too much weight at this stage, which can easily lead to discomfort during production!

During pregnancy, mothers are too lightweight and easy:

● Baby growth indicators such as weight and growth have not reached standards (that is, growth delay)

During pregnancy, weighing weight and easy:

● Mom production is not smooth (extending childbirth time)

● The incidence of chronic diseases in the future increases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity)

“Pregnancy movement” at any time:

● Appropriate work, family affairs and relatively mild exercises (such as walking, swimming, yoga, etc.) can increase calories and regulate the weight of the mother.

● Continuous exercise can also help improve the physical strength needed when producing.


Like in the middle of pregnancy, the mother’s daily calorie needs increase 300 calories than in the early stages of pregnancy.

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