How to control weight in the second trimester?

The discomfort of disgusting vomiting disappears, it is great! Since my appetite has improved, I will come to enjoy a lot of food!

5-6 kg is limited

During this period, because of the disappearance of nausea, my mother felt a better appetite and began to enjoy the food. At this time, the mother’s weight was easy to increase rapidly. Pay special attention to control. We recommend that the mother’s weight increases by about 1 kg per month, and the entire second trimester is controlled within 5-6 kg; the weight gain standard for each mothers during pregnancy will have different suggestions because of different weight before pregnancy. Mom can refer to the form: Different BMI How much weight should be increased.

During pregnancy, weighing lightness and easy:

● Mom’s premature birth and miscarriage

● Poor baby’s cognitive ability

● The baby’s immune system is poorly developed

● The baby is shorter in height

● The incidence of chronic diseases in the future increases (cardiovascular disease, etc.)

During pregnancy, weighing weight and easy:

● Moms are prone to pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy hypertension

● The incidence of chronic diseases in the future increases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity)

“Pregnancy movement” at any time:

● Appropriate work, family affairs and relatively mild exercises (such as walking, swimming, yoga, etc.) can increase calories and regulate the weight of the mother.


Mom’s daily calorie needs increase 300 calories compared to the early pregnancy.