How to eat before pregnancy to be nutritious and healthy?

“My husband and I have made a good preparation for my parents!” Congratulations to you to make a very important decision in your life together: welcome the cute baby. Presumably the parents in the world want the baby to grow up healthy. In fact, if you want to pave the way for your baby’s health, you can be prepared earlier and more complete.

We recommend that you can check your diet first when you are pregnant. Good eating habits help you have a better nutritional state, and then have a healthy constitution, so that your baby can develop and grow under a healthy environment (in the uterus) at the beginning. What diet habits should you continue or quit?

I suggest you pay more attention …

• Balanced consumption of six categories of food

Six categories of foods (all -cricket root stems, bean fish eggs, low -fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and oil nuts) can provide a person’s daily nutritional needs.

• Choose fresh fruits and vegetables in the season

Seasonal fruits and vegetables have a good freshness, and they are relatively rich in antioxidant substances, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, β-carotene, which are related to the health of health.
Vitamin C: Such as willow, orange, kiwi, guava, mung bean sprouts, broccoli, bitter gourd.
Vitamin E: such as bowl of bean seedlings, sweet peppers, cabbage, golden maiden tomatoes, mango, kiwi.
β-carotene: such as dark green and dark red foods, carrots, orange, Qingjiang vegetables, pumpkin, sweet potato, it is recommended that a little oil absorption rate will be better, such as carrot fried shredded pork β-carotene is better.

• Pay attention to the nutritional balance of vegetarian vegetarian

If you are used to vegetarian habits, you should pay attention to whether the intake of protein and fat is sufficient. Vegetarians often insufficient protein and fat intake, which can also affect fertility.

It is recommended that vegetarians need a variety of beans, multi -nuts, and multi -color matching, such as red beans, eagle -mouth beans, mung beans, edamame, soybeans, black beans, and when different beans and nuts are combined with complete high -quality protein, the more monotonous vegetarian combinations can It is easy to be uneven nutrition, such as a bowl of rice, a piece of fried tofu, and a plate of hot broccoli. Stir -fried carrot shreds, white bean skin, black fungus, green pepper, egg shreds or yellow pepper. Avoid processing products such as vegetarian meatballs, vegetarian meat, and vegetarian ham.

Mummy who takes too little oil for fats can add more nuts from natural nuts, sesame powder, sesame sauce, peanut butter, etc.

Also pay special attention …

• Eat less additional sugar food

Hand -shaking cup drinks, cakes, candy and other additional sugar foods, not only cannot provide nutrients, the calories brought by sugar will only make you not eat other nutrients, and consume vitamin B groups in the body Smooth, sweet food foods are recommended to 1 to 2 times a week, avoiding excessive sweets also cause weight gain. Learning reading signs, sweets, drinks and other sugary foods are limited to 200 calories. Frequency of consumption.

• Quit alcohol essence (food)

The American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology suggests that no matter the amount of intake, you should try to avoid alcohol. But don’t be too nervous, if you eat sesame oil or drink a few mouthfuls of wine, drinking plenty of water can help the body to keep alcohol a little bit of alcohol, the shorter the time when alcohol stays in the body. Low.

• Limit caffeine intake

Some studies have found that taking more than 200 mg of caffeine daily increases the chance of abortion. Experts from the American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecological Medicine suggested that a day’s caffeine intake should avoid exceeding this limit. Food sources such as coffee, tea, some soda, 200 mg caffeine is about a cup of black coffee, a cup of latte, and 2 packs of tea bags.

• Pay attention to the hygiene of food

It is true that cooking can greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning, raw fish slices or cold food, etc. There are certain risks. Maybe you are pregnant at this moment, it’s time to avoid a little bit of your baby!

Mommy doesn’t think “wow! There are a lot of diet!” For Mommy preparing for pregnancy, health is no longer a matter for you, but will affect the baby’s early health and development together. If Mommy can maintain these good eating habits, of course, they can also have good and sufficient nutrition and sufficient nutrients to welcome the baby to stay at any time!