How to eat in the second trimester to be nutritious and healthy?

In the middle of pregnancy, the baby’s development is faster than the early stage, and the mother also overcomes the stage of discomfort in the early stage. Therefore, of course, the amount of diet should be increased to support the baby and mother’s needs for nutrients and energy.

Dietary advice

The whole valley rhizomes 10-12, 6-8 beanfish eggs, 2 parts of low-fat dairy, 5-6 dishes, 2-3 fruits, and 5-6 parts of oil and nuts.

There are some simple ways to make my mother easily use the tools that have at hand to learn how much weight to eat!

Full Valley Rhizome: 4 parts = 1 bowl (200 grams)
Beanfish meat eggs: 1 copy = about half a palm, 2 parts = about one palm, 3 copies = about one palm
Low -fat dairy category: 1 copy = 1 cup (240 ml)
Vegetable: 1 copy = 1 plate (100 grams)
Fruit: 1 copy = about 8 points for a bowl (cut, grain)
Oil and nuts seeds: 1 copy = one teasp (5 grams)

In the middle of pregnancy, mothers are prone to gestational diabetes and pregnancy hypertension. This is actually possible to reduce the chance of occurrence through good eating habits:

● Eat less sugar or drinks too high, they will only provide mothers with calories but do not contain (or low amount) nutrients, increase the weight of the mother in vain. Once too heavy or obesity, the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension will increase the risk of hypertension and high blood pressure. Essence

● Some pickled products, such as honey, bacon, pickles, and potato chips, because the processing process is added with more sodium, the mother must limit the consumption to control the daily sodium intake; in addition, the salt of the cooking ingredients must also be added. Excessive sodium intake can easily cause or even aggravate symptoms of pregnancy hypertension!

Specific nutrient supplement

● High -quality protein
On the one hand, the mother must control the weight and take enough protein. The quality of the protein is very important. Mom should choose to provide high biological price protein rich in various essential amino acids, such as eggs, fish, chicken, beef Tendon, etc., choose lean meat parts with less fat content.

● Iron
If Mummy has iron deficiency anemia, it is recommended to pay attention to choosing high -quality protein. Half of the daily protein ingested from high -speed rail -containing protein foods, such as waist, waist meat, beef tendon, pork liver, etc. food.