How to relieve back pain in the third trimester of pregnancy

Almost all mothers will encounter this discomfort at this stage! In the late pregnancy, the mother’s weight increased by about 10-12 kilograms compared to before pregnancy. The baby and the uterus became larger. Back pain;

In addition, the impact of pregnancy hormones can relax the muscles of the whole body (to benefit the production of subsequent mothers), but the reduction of support for the waist is also one of the reasons why mothers are prone to back pain in the later stages of pregnancy!

Several precautions and movements allow my mother to defeat back pain

  • Avoid suddenly bending down, getting up and standing for a long time, so as not to increase the load of the mother’s waist too much.
  • Moderate mild exercise: suitable for pregnant women, gymnastics, walking, etc., can exercise waist, abdomen and back muscles.
  • Use the belt belt: the abdomen belt can share the weight of the mother’s waist and reduce the soreness.
  • When taking a bath, you can wash the back of the waist with a slightly hot water, or use a warm towel to apply heat to soothe the over -tight waist muscles.