It is recommended that baby sleep time, the consequences of not sleeping time for infants

“When will your baby sleep? How long does it take to sleep in your baby? How to arrange a little time during the day?” Sleeping is very important for newborns, which will affect the healthy growth of the baby. Although the most suitable sleep time for each baby is different, for babies of different monthly age, there are still recommended babies to sleep for their parents.

It will be introduced to parents that the sleeping time of all -year -old babies is recommended, the baby’s sleep time is not enough, and shares a few small secrets, so that parents can coax the baby to sleep, so that the baby can sleep with the recommended sleep time, accompany the baby to be healthy and happy growing up.

How many hours are the ideal baby sleeping? Sleep time varies from age for the baby’s moon

In the first few months after the baby was born, the baby woke up when he was hungry, and he continued to sleep when he was full. Usually, he repeated this sleep mode regardless of day and night. The baby’s sleep time is 2 to 5 hours, and the whole day of sleep is about 11-18 hours. The baby’s monthly age is different, and the proposed ideal baby’s sleep time will be different.

For newborns who are just born about 1 month, the sleep time is usually about 16 to 18 hours. As the baby grows, the baby’s sleep time will begin to become less. The big sleep time is recommended to be 11 to 13 hours; and a baby aged 1 to 3, the ideal sleep time is 11 ~ 12 hours.

What time and the number of advice of the baby during the day? The time to nake during the day is also different according to the age of the moon. Babies with 3 months old will not be divided into day and night, usually I want to sleep and sleep; after 3 months old, the baby is 10 ~ 12 hours at night, and there will be 2 to 3 times during the day. The second time is about 30 minutes to 2 hours; and the baby may only take a nap once in the afternoon.

But the recommended time for the nap is only for reference. If the baby sleeps well the night before, it will be relatively short. If the baby is tired and feels good, it may take a long time to sleep. It is recommended that parents focus on the sleep time for a whole day. As long as the baby has a recommended baby to sleep, you don’t have to worry too much about whether the baby’s sleep is sufficient.

Sleep with ideal baby sleep time, cultivate 5 tricks such as sleeping mood and develop protection, help your baby to sleep overnight

Even if the baby is sleeping most of the day, there are still many babies’ sleep time, which is less than the proposed baby’s sleep time. The short sleep time of infants will reduce the baby’s immunity and even affect growth and development. Therefore, letting the baby sleeping ideal sleeping time is particularly important. Let ’s share a few good ways to let your baby sleep overnight to avoid lack of sleep that affects growth.

5 methods help your baby to sleep overnight:

(1) Prepare a good sleep environment

Room temperature and sound light can affect the baby’s sleep quality. The appropriate room temperature will be different according to the seasons. In winter, it is around 20 to 25 degrees, and the summer is lower than the outdoor temperature by 4 to 5 degrees. It is recommended that parents can touch the baby’s skin and confirm whether the indoor temperature is appropriate. If necessary, wipe dry sweat for the baby, change clothes, and adjust the indoor temperature.

Light sleeping babies are particularly sensitive to sound and light stimulation. It is best to install shading curtains in the place where the baby sleeps to make the space dark as much as possible. In addition, it is also important to keep quiet. The baby’s relaxed music helps the baby sleep.

(2) Let the baby sleep on the baby bed

It is recommended that the baby sleeps on the baby bed. If the baby and parents sleep on the same bed, the baby’s body temperature is easy to rise due to the temperature of the adult’s body, and it will also heat and sweat. On the other hand, it is recommended to let your baby lie down and sleep, and do not put dolls or pillows on the crib to avoid the risk of suffocation.

(3) Let the baby bathe in the sun in the morning

Melatonin can regulate the baby’s sleep, and it can also make the baby sleep more peacefully. When bathing in the sun, melatonin is suppressed, and the secretion will begin to increase the secretion when the environment is dark. It is recommended that the curtains can be opened in the morning, so that the baby can understand that it is time to get up, and it can also help the baby understand the changes of day and night.

(4) Determine the pre -bed ceremony & cultivate the mood before bedtime

If the baby is often difficult to fall asleep, it is recommended to establish a pre -bed ceremony, such as putting the same music and singing the same song, so that the baby knows that it is time to sleep again, cultivate the baby’s sleeping emotions before going to bed, and help the baby to sleep.

In addition, at night, try to feed your baby or change clothes as quiet as possible. When interacting with your baby, you should also give your baby gently as much as possible to effectively improve the quality of your baby’s sleep. Over time, parents can find that the baby’s sleep time will become longer.

(5) Formulating breast milk or formal milk close to breast milk

Royji in breast milk can help the baby regulate the composition of intestinal bacteria. Studies have confirmed that it can effectively reduce the baby’s crying time and make the baby sleep well at night. If it is a formula for formula milk, you can choose formula milk close to breast milk ingredients, such as Royji, lactal oligosaccharides, and small molecular protein formula milk suitable for mixed breast milk. The best breast milk nutrition can sleep overnight every night.

Follow the baby’s sleep time! Establish a baby’s protection and support the healthy growth of the baby

The baby’s ideal sleep time varies according to the age, and each baby will be different. If parents have noticed “shorter than other babies’ sleep time” and “longer sleep than usual”, it is recommended to consult a professional medical personnel. It is recommended to sleep for the baby to sleep. In addition to the environmental preparation and adjusting the sleeping method, it is also recommended to feed breast milk or formula milk closer to breast milk to help the baby build layers of protection and allow the baby to sleep peacefully overnight.

Family sleep time is common Q & A finishing

Whether the baby’s sleep time is sufficient will greatly affect the baby’s growth.

Q1: The baby’s sleep time is too long, do you need to pay attention?

If the baby’s baby sleeps longer, the less the number of times to feed the baby. The decrease in the number of feeding of the baby will not only increase the weight of the baby, but also the nutritional intake may not be insufficient. It may even cause dehydration symptoms due to lack of sufficient water supplement. Therefore, the baby’s sleep time is appropriately adjusted to allow the baby to fill the recommended time, and normally feed the best.

Q2: How to increase melatonin to increase your baby’s sleep time?

Breast milk is an important source of your baby to obtain melatonin. Properly feed your baby at night to help your baby sleep.