Newborn vision development stage: small secrets of baby’s vision development

The newborn vision just born is actually not good. Although the baby has clear and transparent eyes, they are actually a big myopia! The newborn baby can only see fuzzy images. After the age of 6, the baby’s vision range will be close to adults!

Newborn vision development: from black and white blurred to colorful colors

Between 0-1 years old, the baby’s vision will develop rapidly. The newborn baby can only see black and white, gray objects. Between 0-1 years old, the development of the vision of newborns is an important task for babies. Parents can promote the development of newborn vision at all stages, helping babies to see a beautiful world faster.

  • 0 ~ 3 months of newborns vision development:
    The range of newborn vision under 3 months is about 20-30 cm. Newborn vision ability at this stage can only see black and white, bright and dark objects. The vision of newborn newborn will not focus, and the world you see is very vague. When two months old, the baby’s visual range will gradually expand. Although it is not possible to recognize the color with close colors, the baby has been able to recognize the mother’s outline.
  • 3 ~ 6 months of newborns vision development:
    The 3 -month -old baby can see an object within 1 meter. From only to seeing black and white, it gradually transforms to the color that can distinguish the comparison. The three -month -old newborn vision has gradually developed a three -dimensional sense. They will start paying attention to the structure and shape of the object, and they will start to identify the mother’s face expression. Like, the corner of the mother’s mouth rose happily, frowning was angry.
  • The development of infants and young children from 6 to 9 months:
    After the baby is 6 months old, the color can be recognized. The range of vision can be seen about 1 to 2 meters. At this stage, the development of the vision and visual nerves at this stage is getting better and better, and it can be fixedly regarded as the object. You can also see small things such as small toys, small ants, leaves and other things.
  • The development of infants and young children from 9 ~ 12 months:
    The visual development of infants and young children at this stage focuses on coordination between hands and eyes. Objects within two meters can be seen clearly. The 9 -month -old babies like to explore. They are curious about the moving objects and will also reach out to capture.

Promote the vision of newborn vision development. Doctors teach you a small secret to teach you

In the process of babies growing up, the vision development of newborns at each stage has important tasks. When parents usually take care of their babies at home, they can use games or graphic cards to take their baby to play with their vision. The following introduces a few small steps that stimulate the baby’s visual development:

  • Tips for vision development of newborns from 0 to 3 months:
    Alone is very important for human vision. After the visual cells are stimulated by light, they are passed to the brain, so we will feel different colors. Parents can often change the placement of the crib to let the baby feel the changes in light and shadow. Pull the curtains during the day to let the baby feel the stimulus of natural light. When sleeping at night, help the baby to turn on the night light, so that when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, he can also practice adaptation of light.
  • Tips for vision development of newborns in 3 ~ 6 months:
    A 3 -month -old baby began to recognize the structure of the object. The three -dimensional structure and depth are the visual development tasks at this stage. When Mommy interacts with the baby, she can get closer to let the baby get close to Mommy and feel the outline of Mommy’s face. Parents can also show their babies more complicated geometric pictures to help the baby develop deep vision.
  • Tips for vision development of infants and young children from 6 to 9 months:
    Suspension toys in the baby’s crib can allow the baby to practice the distance of the object. And parents can usually take their babies to outdoor, feel nature, and stimulate the baby’s ability to identify color and visual nerve development.
  • Tips for vision development of infants and young children from 9 to 12 months:
    A 9 -month -old baby began to like to imitate, and parents can play with the baby to cover the face. When the baby starts to practice grasping the object, you can also play books for the baby, allowing the baby to grab the pages he likes, and can train your baby’s hand -eye coordination.

Newborn vision health has good visual development ability from an early age

Eyes are the window of the baby’s soul. Newborn vision health needs to be cultivated from childhood. The vision of the newborn baby has not yet developed, and the protection of the eyes has not yet matured. Therefore, when you take care of your baby, you can pay attention to the following points to cultivate your baby’s visual ability:

  • Use the black and white card to tell the story with the baby to stimulate the baby’s vision development
  • When you bring your baby less than 6 months, you need to avoid direct sunlight to the baby’s eyes
  • At the age of two, take the baby to see the first ophthalmology department.
  • Take ingestion of nutrients related to eye protection, such as vitamin A, B2 and DHA
  • Poor sleep and nutritional balance are the same principles

When the baby was born, he could only see the black and white and blurred appearance. As the baby became bigger and bigger, the visual ability would become more and more mature and clear. During the development of newborn vision, parents can stimulate the baby through different pictures, toys or outdoor environment, and will also stimulate the baby’s creative ability. While the baby knows the structure and color of the object, they are also knowing the world. When the baby’s vision occurs, we need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, so that we should protect the baby’s clear eyes together.