Perform birth planning early to help you get pregnant

A couple want to have children (or want to regenerate children), but after half a year after a year, there is no good news and may start to be nervous! What inspections and treatment should be done at this time?

Not easy to get pregnant? You should find out the reason first

If a couple, the wife has normal ovulation, and the sperm is normal. The average natural pregnancy rate of natural pregnancy is about 10 %, but it will decrease as they get older. Generally speaking, a husband and wife do not get pregnant for a year without pregnancy, but they are not unable to get pregnant, but not easy to get pregnant.

However, some are not easy to get pregnant because of the “couples between the two places” and have no normal sexual life at all. At this time, you must change the pattern of life and get along with each other. The chance of creating more husbands and wives will naturally increase the chance of pregnancy. However, there are also couples who are more nervous. For example, the wife is over 35 years old. If he is not pregnant for half a year, you can arrange infertility examination. In addition, some husbands and wives do not check the cause of infertility, and use Chinese medicine to “tune” in traditional Chinese medicine. Some are fundamental fallopian tube obstruction, dexical veins, and even non -sperm. In short, as long as the husband and wife have a regular life but not pregnant, they should be checked!

Three major axes that can get pregnant

A couple can get pregnant, there are three major axes:


In terms of women, the hormonal secretions of Hypothalamus, a brain nervous system, the gonad stimulus release (GnRH), which will stimulate the hypotherapy of the brain (PITUITARY GLAND), FSH (filter stimulatory), LH (luteal stimulation Element), and FSH and LH stimulate ovarian secretion of female hormones and lutein, mature follicles, and then lutein to the uterus to mature the endometrium to provide an embryonic environment; The membrane will fall off and produce menstruation.

Therefore, a woman can consider whether the function of pituitary gland control is normal, the maturity of the ovaries, and ovulation are not normal.

In terms of men, the brain will control the underlying hill to produce GnRH, and then stimulate the pituitary gland, and then stimulate the testicular secretion ofrogen to promote the growth of the testicles, so sperm is produced.

2. sperm

Men’s sperm is sufficient, normal mobility and type to make women conceive.

Therefore, insemination is a concentration concept. There are more than 1,500 million activities and normal sperm every ㏄. Help; less IVF will be done; if there are no sperm (the vascus is called “non -sperm”), you can also take the essence through the paranoid. It’s a way!

3. Fresh stock

Men will always make sperm, but the number of follicles in women’s ovaries has a fixed stock, and it is determined when birth! Generally, it is upside down, the older the age, the less follicles! Generally, the number of follicles after the age of 37 decreases significantly. Most women will be used up after the age of 50 and will be discontinued. The stock of follicles is innate. Some people use it at the age of 20 or 25. Some people do not use it until the age of 60. This is an irreversible road, so the follicle stock is the key to treating infertility!

Blood can check the reproductive function of men and women

Director Huang Hongyuan explained that male blood drawing can check FSH, LH, prolactin and male hormones. If these endocrine disorders will cause poor semen quality or insufficient sperm; check the concentration of hormones through blood drawing, and can formulate different different conditions according to different conditions. Treatment.

Women’s blood drawing detection hormones, including: FSH, LH, estrogen, lutein ,rogens, lactants, thyroid dysfunction, etc. The results of these blood tests can be judged whether women have ovulation and ovarian functions.

Is it possible to find the reason?

People often say that “the cause of infertility is unknown.” There must be a reason. Only checking the data looks okay, but it does not give birth, and the reason will be unknown. Generally speaking, how do you see if your husband and wife can get pregnant and have children? If the wife has ovulation, is the egg? How about sperm sperm? Can the essence egg be combined? Can the embryo develop after the combination? How mature is good? If these are passing by, but if they do not give birth, they must be trained through IVF, fertilization and cultivation of eggs to screen for good embryos, and then implant the mother’s uterine cavity.