Prepare the nutritional balance of pregnancy first!

When you decide to welcome new life, in addition to normal schedules and living habits, where do you need to be prepared? The most important thing is a good nutritional state! The mother’s body will accumulate and store the nutrients intake. Once the baby starts, whether it is the growth of the mother’s physical tissue or the normal development of the baby, it is related to the storage content of the nutrient in the maternal body. Which nutrients should be paid attention to mother who is preparing to get pregnant?

Folic acid & Vitamin B12

Folic acid helps the normal growth and development of the fetus. The intake of folic acid can be obtained from vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables). At least one piece of dark green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and asparagus are required every day. Vegetables: 1 copy = 1 plate 100 grams); vitamin B12 helps to improve the health of the nervous system. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from meat or dairy products. Essean women need to be changed to omel, oucin, to avoid Vitamin B12 sources are not enough.

Helps the formation of red blood cells. A iron -rich plant like laver, red amaranth, red phoenix, peanuts, sesame, rice beans; animals are like lean red meat (lumbar meat, mouth meat, beef tendon), high -quality viscera The waist, pork heart, chicken bun, chicken liver), as well as pig blood, pig blood cake, duck blood, oysters, clams, egg yolks, etc. are all rich in iron.

Women with iron deficiency anemia before pregnancy should pay attention to daily sufficient protein intake to help iron absorption. Half of protein needs to be replaced with iron -containing high food. For example, 60 kilograms of women are recommended to take eight proteins per day, and four of them are protein. It is recommended to choose lean red meat or high -quality internal organs. In addition, the amount of protein of bean fish eggs contains protein. (For those with special demand for protein, you need to discuss the quality of protein with doctors or nutritionists)

Weight: Number of protein (portion)
40-49 kg: 6
50-59 kg: 7
60-69 kg: 8
70-79 kg: 9
80-89 kg: 10

Provide your baby’s healthy development. Mommy can choose fish rich in DHA, such as autumn saury, salmon, etc. Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism pointed out that at least 200 mg of DHA daily can prevent premature birth. Eat three times containing DHA foods, about one pair of Park Key.

Vitamin D:
Improve calcium absorption and help the growth and development of bones and teeth. Mommy can add the sun (20 minutes/daily) by moderately, or supplement vitamin D from the diet, such as liver, oil -rich fish such as salmon and egg yolk to vitamin D.

It helps maintain normal growth and develop neurotomy. Kelp, seaweed and other iodine -rich iodine can also be taken from seafood such as fish shells and other seafood. It is not recommended that some sea salt and rock salt do not contain iodine. It is recommended that you use salt with salt in your home.

In addition to sufficient intake of nutrients, we also recommend that you can obtain it from natural foods as much as possible, and help the body absorb and store these nutrients through health, exercise and pleasant moods, and be ready to welcome the baby at any time!