Promote intestinal peristalsis to slow down the constipation of the third trimester of pregnancy

Recently, the bowel movement is not smooth, and the constipation has become serious, but I have not eaten less fruits and vegetables … Why?

The mother was influenced by the pregnancy of hormones, which relaxed the intestinal muscles and slowed down. The speed of the food through the intestine was slow. In addition, hormones would also promote the absorption of the large intestine to the water. The residue is hard and dry, and it is not easy to discharge;

Another main reason is that the baby who grows up quickly is oppressed to the mother’s intestines, which reduces the speed of intestinal movement.

Mom should not look at the phenomenon of constipation. If it is easy to extend to hemorrhoids, it is a more uncomfortable symptom for the mother.

Diet recommendation: eat intestinal health peristaltic

    • Drink sufficient water per day (1500ml/daily)
      Do not drink too much water in one breath, accelerate the speed of your body urination, and let the drinking water not time to send it to the body, it also increases the problem of frequent urination; it is recommended to disperse the amount of water at different time points on average.
    • Take a sufficient amount of dietary fiber (25-35g/daily)* Promoting intestinal motility
      Dietary fiber helps mother’s intestinal peristalsis. You can choose foods rich in dietary fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat valley. They are all very good choices!

  • Supplement the source of probiotics.
    Probiotics can keep the intestinal tract a acidic environment and promote intestinal peristalsis. Moms can eat foods containing a large amount of beneficiary bacteria, or choose probiotic supplements (mothers can ask professionals).

In addition, the amount of exercise in moderate exercise can help the gastrointestinal movement. The best choice of mild and low -intensity categories in the movement method, walking, yoga, etc.