Relieve late pregnancy discomfort: anemia

From the middle and late pregnancy, I often feel tired and dizzy. Sometimes when I stand up, I will suddenly become dark in front of me, Venus, and even almost fainting! Is there any situation in my pregnancy?

In addition to the relative anemia caused by the physiological changes of the mother’s body, the baby in the abdomen has increased the iron demand for iron, and it will take it from the mother and store it to cope with the needs of 4-6 months after birth. Therefore, if the mother does not supplement enough iron, it is easy to cause anemia because of lack of important hematopoietic elements-iron, which will have a bad impact on the baby!

Anemia is easy to make mom:

● Duocked

● Tired

● Easy to breathe

Anemia is easy to make the baby:

● Premature birth

● Low birth weight

● Low survival rate after birth

● Infection rate increases

● Limited cognitive ability development in the future

Moms do n’t have to be too nervous. If it is due to the above discomfort caused by anemia, you can supplement the iron through different ways. Mom can go to the key nutrient iron in the third trimester to understand how to obtain a sufficient amount of iron.