Six methods to overcome pregnancy hypertension

What is pregnancy hypertension? Is it very dangerous to my baby and me?

The hypertension diagnosed during pregnancy is called “pregnancy hypertension”. Moms with normal blood pressure starting at about the second trimester starts, and the systolic blood pressure is greater than 140mmHg or the diastolic pressure is greater than 90mmHg. About 5-6%of mothers suffer from pregnancy hypertension and cause serious complications of themselves and their baby. Pregnancy hypertension is high to the baby’s risk. In severe cases, it can even cause abnormal placenta function and premature birth of the baby. You should seek medical assistance as early as possible.

Six methods to overcome pregnancy hypertension

1. Control sodium intake: Excessive sodium intake can cause blood pressure to rise.

The best diet is lighter and eats less processing products, and the pickled products, heavy seasoning, etc. are avoided as much as possible.

2. Daily protein intake is about 60g/daily.

Some mothers lose the protein content in the blood due to the loss of the protein with the urine (protein urine), and the blood is imbalanced, which aggravates the edema.

Active high -quality protein should be taken every day. Basically, all kinds of meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products, soybeans and products are all sources of high -quality protein. Specific mothers who need to control weight should choose lean meat and fish.

Pay attention to the breakfast of the diet. If it is bread with rice slurry, it is starch with starch. It is recommended to change the bread and soy milk. If you usually choose fried noodles at noon, it is recommended to replace it with buffet, which is easier to balance the required protein quality; dinner is like choosing a choice Sweet and non -spicy Taiwanese snacks, it is recommended to change to soup noodles and mouth meat and hot vegetables. The intake of major types of foods is more balanced.

*Moms need to consider the daily loss of protein daily, so not all of them are fixed for 60 grams. The quality of protein that is actually needed should be confirmed and the nutritionist is confirmed.

3. Add enough water (30 ~ 40ml of moisture per kilogram of weight, at least 1500ml per day)

For example: mothers weighing 70 kg, it is recommended to add at least 2100 ~ 2800ml of water (70kg*30 ~ 40ml) every day

Mothers who are troubled by edema often have the myth of “reducing moisture intake to improve edema”. In fact, edema is not caused by excessive water intake. Insufficient water intake will reduce the amount of body fluid and increase blood pressure!

4. Strictly prohibit tobacco and alcohol

The ingredients in cigarettes and alcohol will indirect/directly stimulate blood pressure to rise

5. Stable emotional and regular daily schedules

Too large psychological stress and overwork can make the situation of hypertension seriously.

6. Appropriate diet and amount of exercise

Appropriate exercise and diet can help maintain a normal weight increase rate. Excessive weight effects will have greater impact on blood pressure.