Skin changes in pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy

In addition to the belly, the skin in other places in the body also begins to appear some texture and color. Why? Will it disappear?

Stretch marks

From the middle of pregnancy, in order to respond to the rapid growth of the baby in the abdomen and provide sufficient growth space for the baby, the increase in amniotic fluid in the mother’s uterus has increased, and the belly is swollen. The occurrence is usually in the mother’s abdomen, thighs, hips and even breasts.

However, the formation of stretch marks is inevitable and it is not easy to disappear. We recommend that mothers can …

● Avoid excessive weight gain

The weight gain will be reflected on the mother’s belly. Too much weight will cause the mother’s belly to swell quickly. Of course, the abdominal skin fiber is easily broken. Of course, controlling weight can also prevent more stretch marks!

● Select the appropriate lotion/cream

Many pregnancy creams are launched on the market, but in fact they focus on “reducing the generation and severity of stretch marks.” The mother’s belly is stretched, and the skin of the abdomen can easily feel itching. If it is over -scratching, the stretch marks will be easier to form. Proper pregnancy cream provides moisturizing and moisturizing function, relieves the skin and itching and discomfort, and avoids the mother’s grabbing coloring and precipitation, making stretch marks more obvious!


The change of the other skin is on both sides of the mother’s cheek (commonly known as pregnancy spots), nipples, navels and abdomen in the center of the abdomen (also known as the midline of pregnancy). Brex the pigment and form pigmentation. This kind of pigment precipitation is usually gradually faded after the mother’s childbirth. You don’t need to care too much. If it does not improve for more than 3 to 6 months, you can also ask the physician to improve.

The precipitation of stretch marks or skin pigmentation is actually related to the physical fitness of the mother. Some mothers will not have these situations, and some mothers are trying to maintain or not be stopped. In fact, whether stretch marks or skin pigmentation precipitates, these are all mother and baby. The proof of being together has nothing to do with beauty and ugliness, which is an intimate mark for mothers.