Slowing up late pregnancy discomfort: pubic pain

The part below the abdomen first feels slightly sour and has muscle tight discomfort. As a result, the more you get to the late pregnancy, even if you move your body slightly, you will feel extremely sore!

In the late pregnancy, pregnancy hormones will release the ligament adjacent to the pelvic cavity, which will make the pelvic space larger, so that the fetus can move to the pelvis, so as to benefit the mother’s production and baby through the birth canal. After production, the gaps and ligaments at the pelvis will slowly return to the original state, and it takes about 3-6 months after production.

Because this change is for the smooth delivery of the baby and the mother, it is a natural phenomenon. Unless the pain is seriously affected in daily life, the doctor will hope that the mother can make some ways to relieve and soothe. The baby’s unnecessary impact.

We have some small suggestions to make our mother feel a little comfortable:

● Adjust the activity posture

Moms try to reduce the movement of the pelvis, such as walking across big steps, sitting, etc.

● Local ice application

If the pain is quite serious, you can apply the pubic bone across the towel, which can slow the pain in about 5-10 minutes.

● Use the belly belt/beam belt

Moms can ask medical staff if they are suitable for using belt bands and beam belts. Through the restraint and support of these auxiliary tools, they can reduce the pelvic pulling and support the tension of ligaments at the pelvis.