Smart breast milk: breast milk will automatically adjust the proportion of nutrients

Breast milk is very amazing. It is not like milk or the nutritional component of milk or general formula; as the baby is born, breast milk will automatically adjust the proportion of nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of the baby at different stages and time points. It can be said that it can be said that It is a golden food tailor -made for the baby!

Nutritional change

With the changes in milk and composition, the mother’s lactation can be divided into three stages …

“Colostrum” of endocrine milk 3 days after production: The amount of colostrum breast milk is small, but it is just in line with the baby’s small stomach capacity. At this time, the antibody and protein content contained in this time is higher than the mature milk, the fat content is low, and it has unique growth factors.

The milk secreted 3-10 days after production “transition milk”: Mom’s breast milk and component changes in colostrum and mature milk

After 10-15 days, the milk secreted “mature milk”: The amount of breast milk of the mother becomes more, the protein content in breast milk is reduced and maintains a constant level, the fat content is increased, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are rich.

Mature milk is divided into the baby’s first suction milk “front milk”, and the latter milk “rear milk”.

Former milk: Contains more protein, lactose and other nutrients, and the water content is also large. As the feeding process arrives, the fat content gradually increases.

Post -milk: Contains high amounts of fat, and the calories are higher than before milk.

Therefore, when the mother feeds breasts, she must have enough time to suck in the baby. The mother should not rush to stop feeding. In fact, the baby knows how much breast milk needs to eat. Mom has to let the baby complete a meal in order to ensure that he has enough calories!

Change in taste

Because the ingredients are fixed, the taste is the same because the ingredients are fixed, but the breast milk will change the taste because the mother eats various foods, so that the baby is not easy to appear “milk” and can enjoy every meal of different flavors!