Soothing discomfort in the middle of pregnancy: breathing becomes asthma

Recently, I often take a few steps and feel very breathless and breathe short. Is this normal?

Starting after the middle of the pregnancy, she will notice that her breathing frequency is fast, and she will breathe in the activity.

Because the mother needs more oxygen exchange, the breathing space will naturally increase the breathing frequency due to the pressure of the baby to suck more oxygen and provide it to the baby and the placenta;

In addition, as the baby grows longer and bigger, it is oppressed to the diaphragm and make the mother’s lungs unable to fully expand. Difficult to breathe will naturally improve.

Another reason may be that the mother has anemia! Mom anemia will reduce the red blood cells and heme that can transport oxygen in the body. When the oxygen is insufficient, the body must increase the number of breathing and meet the amount of oxygen required.

Mom can learn if she is anemia. If so, the mother can refer to the key nutrients -iron, and know what kind of food is rich in iron, and add a lot of supplement!

Give your mother breathing smoothly

● Mom can slow down and keep breathing stable.

● To maintain the joy of mood, the pressure will also make the mother feel and breath.

● Change from “abdominal breathing” to “chest breathing” to improve the breathing caused by the oppression of the uterine that is swollen by the diaphragm.

● In a good physical condition of the mother, regular mild exercise can increase the heart and lung function of the mother, increase the volume of lungs, and slow down the situation where you can’t breathe in the later pregnancy.