Suggestion of gestational diabetes diet: control blood glucose

When I returned to the hospital today to do a birth checkup, the doctor told me that there were signs of diabetes, but I did n’t have diabetes before pregnancy? How is this going? Diabetes are actually divided into three types. One of them is often heard during pregnancy, which is “gestational diabetes.” About 2%-10%of mothers, without the symptoms of diabetes, can detect excessive blood sugar during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes sounds terrible, but in fact, it can be cured after production through blood glucose control. This article will introduce gestational diabetes in detail, and share it with pregnant mummy, how to control blood sugar from the diet, improve gestational diabetes from the life surface, allow pregnant moms to go smoothly during pregnancy and defeat gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is due to the increased hormonal secretion in the body, and the amount of insulin needs to be larger, resulting in the unable to fall back to normal levels.

The occurrence of gestational diabetes is due to the increased hormonal concentration of pregnant women and the increased tolerance of cells to insulin. Therefore, higher insulin concentration is required to reduce blood sugar and return blood sugar concentration to normal value. Insulin is not enough to maintain normal blood sugar, “gestational diabetes” will occur. Therefore, during pregnancy, islet cells must secrete more insulin to reduce blood sugar concentration. In the long run, islet cells can easily get gestational diabetes if they cannot operate normally.

However, after the production is completed, hormones will return to balance again, and the symptoms of diabetes will be recovered automatically. However, pregnant women have poor blood glucose control during pregnancy, too much weight gain, or family genetic history, etc., may increase postpartum blood glucose cannot be restored to normal, causing diabetes.

The symptoms of gestational diabetes are not obvious, and pregnant mothers need to observe the changes in life carefully

Although gestational diabetes can cause hyperglycemia in pregnant women, other symptoms are not obvious. Therefore, for many pregnant women, gestational diabetes is very difficult to detect. If pregnant women find herself, they have eaten too much, drink more, and urine, but they have signs of weight loss. Mommy will have alertness that she may have gestational diabetes!

Although gestational diabetes is mostly cured after production. If pregnant women do not control blood sugar while gestational diabetes, the risk of pregnancy hypertension or prelica in itself will also increase; on the other hand The fetus is in high blood sugar state.

When the fetal blood sugar is too high for a long time, in addition to the heavier fetal weight, the risk of giant infant disease will increase the risk of giant infant, the proportion of neonatal jaundice, neonatal hypoglycemia, the proportion of premature birth and the hospitalization rate of neonatal care ward will be significantly improved. Therefore, for the health of newborns, active blood sugar control is necessary once it is found to suffer from gestational diabetes.

Faced with gestational diabetes, if you do not control blood sugar, you may cause diabetes in the future, which will hurt the fetus
The following is the impact of gestational diabetes without controlling blood sugar, which may have the impact on mothers and fetuses.

(1) Whether it is diabetes before pregnancy or gestational diabetes in pregnancy, the impact on mothers:

  • It is easy to cause mother’s pregnancy and hypertension
  • It is easy to cause mothers’ preliminary symptoms
  • It is easy to cause future second diabetes

(2) Whether it is diabetes before pregnancy, or gestational diabetes that occur during pregnancy, the impact on the baby is put on:

  •  The fetus is prone to premature birth
  • Fetal survival rate decreases
  •  Excessive weight of birth or giant baby
  •  Newborn jaundice
  • Newborn hypoglycemia

The risk of metabolic syndrome in the future increases (such as: risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes)

During pregnancy, if you do not control blood sugar well, it has a huge impact on pregnant women and babies. But mothers should not worry too much. As long as you follow the dietary advice of the nutritionist and the guidance of the medical staff, whether you are or have no gestational diabetes mothers, you can control blood sugar during pregnancy and consume nutrition during pregnancy!

Suggestions for gestational diabetes: Pregnant women want to control blood sugar, start with a small number of meals
To improve gestational diabetes and adjust diet to control blood sugar, it is definitely the primary topic of gestational diabetes pregnant women. Especially for pregnant moms, to provide sufficient nutrients for fetal growth, the calories must not be less, and the nutrition of protein, calcium, iron and other pregnancy also requires balanced intake. Therefore, the key to gestational diabetes diet is to improve diet quality and maintain stable blood sugar.

Let’s share the advice of diabetic diet to allow mothers to successfully control blood sugar and stay away from gestational diabetes:

● A small amount of meals, maintain blood sugar stable

By distributing the original three meals and properly distributing it on the five meals, it can avoid the mother’s blood sugar fluctuations too large, help the blood sugar to maintain stability, and avoid excessive muscle hungry and cause ketone body*to produce, excessive accumulation, and harm the fetus.

● Active sugar intake to avoid insufficient heat

Take an appropriate amount of sugar, not only can provide enough energy for the baby, but also avoid insufficient calories and hunger for pregnant women, resulting in the production of ketone body, excessive accumulation, and harming the fetus.

● Foods with low sugar index (GI)*, stabilize blood sugar changes

Usually low -liter index foods are rich in fibromy, which can slow down glucose absorption, stabilize blood sugar and insulin changes. It is the preferred food for gestational diabetes pregnant women.

Low sugar -rising food food includes:

(1) Stadium: Brown rice and grain rice (special attention to roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, beefels, etc. belong to the GI value ** high food).

(2) Vegetables: You can eat it with confidence. Pay attention to cooking oil. It is a source of satisfaction to increase satiety.

(3) Fruits: All kinds of fruits are available, but you need to pay attention to the entire fruit volume a day. It is recommended that all kinds of fruits two bowls a day (Note: a bowl is a standard bowl with a capacity of about 240 ml). Good options. Remind Mommy not to use fruit juice to replace fruit. A glass of juice is easy to exceed a day of recommended intake.

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Gestational diabetes starts from life, and effectively controls blood sugar from the regular movement.
If you want to overcome gestational diabetes, keep blood sugar stable, dietary adjustment is not enough, you need to change from your life. Here are three small methods of life to help pregnant moms effectively control blood sugar and actively defeat gestational diabetes.

● Regular exercise can help blood sugar decrease

Regular exercise can bring many benefits to pregnant women with gestational diabetes. It is recommended that exercise does not exceed one hour. Walking suitable for all women. Walking for 15-20 minutes can reduce blood sugar of 20-40 mg/dl. Therefore, exercise can effectively control blood sugar, and can also improve symptoms of pregnancy discomfort, such as nausea and want to vomit.

● Monitor the blood sugar value from time to understand to understand the control results

The ideal range of blood glucose value will be different according to the empty stomach and after meals. According to the guidance of Taiwan’s gestational diabetes care, it is recommended that gestational diabetes pregnant women’s blood sugar control target: fasting ≤ 95 mg/dl; one hour after meal ≤ 140 mg/dl; two hours after meals ≤ 120 mg/dl. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms should measure blood sugar value after each meal to confirm the effectiveness of blood sugar control.

● Applicin is applied when the professional physician is diagnosed to help blood sugar control

If pregnant women have been adjusted after diet and living habits, blood sugar cannot be effectively controlled. It is recommended to start treatment through blood glucose drugs. In accordance with the instructions of professional physicians, regularly applying insulin can effectively control blood sugar and improve gestational diabetes.
If gestational diabetes is diagnosed, in addition to daily blood sugar control, remember to return regularly
Remind all pregnant moms, if you are sure to get gestational diabetes, be sure to return to the clinic regularly to receive the treatment and suggestions of physicians and nutritionists. Although gestational diabetes, although many pregnant women have nightmares during pregnancy, as long as they have the right concept, they can keep blood sugar stable and defeat gestational diabetes!

Prevention is better than cure! Maintain the stable G value and reduce the chance of the incidence of gestational diabetes
Finally, it is also called on pregnant moms to prevent pregnancy and diabetes more than treatment. Maintain blood glucose stability during pregnancy (Note: Blood glucose value is Blood Glucose, referred to as G value), which is particularly important for pregnant mommy. It is recommended to reduce the intake of starch and develop weekly exercise habits, which is the key to maintaining the stability of the G value.

The Canadian Diabetes Association pointed out that in addition to diet and exercise, health products containing “complex composite composite” containing “help G value balance” can help maintain the G value balance, metabolism and nutrition absorption Function, reduce the chance of gestational diabetes.