Suggestion of newborn milk volume: each baby’s milk volume is different

On the road of parenting, novice parents will encounter various difficulties. Feeding the baby to drink milk is one of them. How should the amount of newborn milk be calculated? When do you help your baby increase your milk?

Is the baby crying because he was not full? How does the amount of newborn milk increase? These problems often bother the novice parents, but these problems are not standard formulas, and they need to be judged according to the baby’s response.

After the birth of the newborn, novice parents are often busy, but in fact, at this time, the baby will only drink milk, sleep, and urinate. Therefore, you do n’t need to be too nervous. At this time, you only need to observe the baby’s condition. Whether it is drinking milk, urinating, or weight growth, as long as you observe well, you can make the best judgment for the baby’s situation.

Suggestions for newborn milk volume: each baby’s milk volume is different, depending on the baby’s urine and weight

The information is now very developed. There are many formulas for calculating newborn milk on the Internet. There is also a comparison table for newborns and milk volume, so that mothers can quickly understand the amount of newborn milk.

Calculation formula for the total milk volume of newborns one day:
Newborn weight (kg) x (100 ~ 150) = Newborn milk volume C.C.

However, the above milk volume formula calculation and the amount of milk volume are only for reference. It is recommended that parents must evaluate the baby’s milk volume individually, and use the baby’s short -term urine amount, the color of the diaper, and the long -term weight gain. Generally speaking, after five days of birth, the baby will have five to six diapers a day. When parents change diaper, they can observe the color of the urine. If the color of the urine is pale yellow, it means that the baby is sufficient and does not need to adjust the amount of milk.

Whether weight gain can also be used as a reference. Generally, the first month of the baby will increase by 1,000 grams, and the second month will be increased by 900 grams. However, if the baby’s milk is insufficient, the weight increase at that month will be slower.

Judging from the following three points, if the baby meets the following three points, it means that the baby’s current milk is sufficient and does not need to adjust the amount of milk

  • There are enough times for changing diapers
  • The urine is clear and pale yellow
  • Increased weight

The calculation of the amount of milk and the pro -feeding of the bottle, it turns out that the two have these differences

Calculate the amount of milk feed by whole breast milk:

It is recommended to feed milk every 2 to 3 hours, and each breastfeeding time is about 1 hour. If the mother feels that the baby does not suck, she can end. However, because breast milk feeding cannot accurately calculate the amount of milk, it is recommended that novice parents can also observe the defecation, urination, urination color, and whether the baby’s weight is stable to determine whether the amount of milk is sufficient.

Calculation of milk amount of bottle breastfeeding or formula milk:

Although some mothers want to choose to feed themselves, they are limited by insufficient milk, but they want to give the nutrition of the newborn mother milk.

The method of bottle feeding can calculate the amount of milk intake of newborns. If bottle breastfeeding is breastfeeding, it is recommended to breastfeed 3 to 3.5 hours. If the bottle feeds the recipe milk, it is recommended to breastfeed once every 4 hours. Whether it is bottle breastfeeding or bottle feeding recipe milk, the amount of milk can be calculated by 100 to 150 with a weight of kilograms. Although the method of bottle feeding can be easier to know the baby’s milk, it still needs to adjust the time of drinking milk according to the baby’s condition.

How do you know that your baby is full? These indicators can judge that the amount of milk feed to the newborn is enough, is the baby full?

If breastfeeding is feed, the baby will not want to suck when you are full, and the response is obvious. Compared with breastfeeding, bottle feeding can be more clear about whether the baby is full. In addition, each baby drinks milk differently. If after a while, they start crying and moving their mouths, which means that the amount of milk may not be enough this time.

Considering that the newborn baby may not be able to adapt to the external environment, when you find that the baby has not been crying for 4 to 6 hours, and there are the following situations: the skin is wet and cold, cold hands and feet, and moaning. Parents should pay attention to the baby’s baby. Whether there is a condition of hypoglycemia.

How to increase the amount of newborn milk? Common problems with the amount of newborn milk, babies can be more at ease

Q1: In addition to drinking milk, do babies need to drink boiling water to replenish water?
In fact, babies within 6 months do not need to supplement additional water, and the water contained in breast milk or formula milk is enough. Unless you stay in the air -conditioned room or the weather is hot, you need to add extra moisture, you can do it 20 to 30 c.c. each time.

Q2: What should I do if my baby should drink the milk every day?
As mentioned above, in fact, as long as the baby’s weight increases stable, parents do not need to be troubled by numbers. Don’t care too much about how much milk should drink daily. Instead, you need to adjust according to your baby’s condition, such as the increase in weight stable, or whether the diaper is full.

In addition, the babies who feed will have no waste. If you use a bottle to feed your baby to drink milk, if you are afraid of waste in the early stage, you can start feeding from a small amount.

After the baby is born, start with 20 C.C. for a meal. After 2 or 3 days, if you touch the baby’s cheeks and corners of the mouth with your fingers, the baby’s head will turn to the side of the finger and stretch out his tongue. The intention of sucking, or when eating, will cry when you pull out the bottle, which means that the baby is not full. At this time, you can try to increase the amount of milk by 5 to 10 c.c. at a time to make the baby full.

Q3: Mom feeding mother milk needs to squeeze the milk into the bottle. Can I calculate how much the baby drinks?
The answer does not need to be squeezed out of the bottle to see how much feeding each time. Although I do n’t know how much milk to drink, as long as the baby ’s urine volume is normal, the mobility is normal, and the weight grows stably, there is a healthy baby who eats full.

Breasts are not a fixed container. As long as the baby sucks milk, the breast will continue to secrete milk. In other words, the amount of milk in the breast cannot be calculated, and the amount of milk is not needed to squeeze out the amount of milk. For example, as long as the faucet keeps open, the amount of water in the water bottle cannot be measured.

Q4: How to increase the amount of newborn milk?
To increase the amount of milk to help your baby, you should be gradual, and it is not advisable to increase too much at a time. The increase in one increase can be controlled at 5 ~ 10c.c.. If the baby has shortened the food time in the next meal, or when you cry to indicate that he is hungry, it means that the baby needs more milk than it is now.