The baby’s sleeping position needs to be paid attention to

The sleeping posture of the baby has always been a topic of discussion between parents. The baby likes to sleep, so do you want the baby to sleep or let the baby sleep? I often hear that sleeping can make the baby look good, but in fact, the baby’s sleeping is greater than benefits. Because letting a baby sleeping is easy to cause a sudden death of the baby, it may also be because the baby is sleeping on his stomach, which is compressed to the respiratory tract and causes the baby to suffocate.

Sleeping or sleeping in the baby? The advantages and disadvantages of the two sleeping positions

The baby is born to sleep on lying down, and likes this sleeping position in the inside, because the posture with the mother’s uterus is very similar, the baby can get a sense of security, which is easier to fall asleep. The advantage of the baby’s sleeping is that the baby’s head shape is round, and the flat head shape that is relatively sleeping is better. In addition, sleeping can also reduce the baby’s flatulence, because the sleep inhaling inhaling less than sleeping less.

▲ Although the baby’s sleeping is easier to fall asleep, the relative risk will be higher
The disadvantage of sleeping is because the inhaled air is relatively small, so it is easy to suffocate because the air cannot be absorbed, and the saliva when sleeping is easy to accumulate in the same place, allowing the baby to produce oral rash. Sleeping is not easy to heat dissipation. The baby will have the risk of excessive body temperature. Excessive body temperature is one of the high -risk factors of sudden infant death.

▲ It is recommended to let the baby sleep on your back, sleeping on your back is safer than sleeping
The most direct benefit of sleeping on your back is to reduce the risk of suffocation and improve the safety of your baby’s sleep. However, the baby’s sleeping still has the risk of suffocation, but it is relatively low to sleep. If a foreign body enters the baby’s mouth when sleeping, the baby will suffocate with the trachea all the way, but the probability of the above situation will be minimal. It is easier to relax the muscles without sleeping on your back. It is easier to observe the baby’s situation when it is compressed.

Although not every sleeping baby, they will suffer a sudden threat of death, but because there are too many cases of infants who sleep suddenly, it is recommended that babies can sleep on their backs and do not sleep. Sleeping can reduce the risk of the baby’s accident and maintain the safety of the baby’s life.

In addition to not letting babies sleep, it is also important not to go to bed with parents

In addition to trying to let the baby sleep as much as possible, there are many places to pay attention to the baby’s sleep. The following precautions are provided to parents:

• Don’t use pillows
The soft pillow may make the baby turn back, which can not turn back, which leads to suffocation. In addition, it is advertised in the field that can help the baby to shape the head shape without use, because the use of pillows will increase the baby’s accidental risk.

• The mattress cannot be too soft
In the choice of crusts, it is recommended to choose a harder mattress. If the mattress is too soft, the baby is easy to fall down, and it will also increase the risk of sudden death of the baby.

• Don’t have other debris on the bed
The miscellaneous objects on the baby’s bed, such as a blanket or doll, may cover the baby’s head, which will cause the baby to suffocate. When the baby sleeps, try to let the baby’s arm and face be exposed, which is relatively safer.

• Don’t be too hot
When the baby is sleeping, pay attention to whether the baby will be too sultry, like wearing too much, or the quilt is too thick. The baby’s temperature is too high, which is also one of the high -risk factor that causes sudden infant death.

• Don’t bed with adults
Many parents are worried about the baby’s sleep, so they want to let the baby sleep in the same bed with themselves, but this is more dangerous for the baby, because if adults turn over to the baby when they go to bed, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, parents are advised to have different beds in the same room and put the bedroom in the bedroom. Not only can they pay attention to the baby’s condition at any time, it is relatively convenient to get up at night.

What should I do if my baby likes to sleep? Infant lying sleep related Q & A finishing

Q1: What should I do if my baby likes to sleep?

What should I do if my baby likes to sleep? The baby’s sleeping habits can be cultivated. When parents put their babies on the bed, they try to put them asleep as much as possible. If the baby still has to sleep to sleep, it is better to sleep, then parents need to try to exclude the risk factors that may cause the baby’s sleepy suffix, such as dolls or pillows on the bed.

Q2: What should I do if my baby likes to sleep on his own?

If the baby is going to sleep on his own when he is sleeping, then parents can train the baby to turn over during the day so that the baby can get used to turning over. In this way, if the baby feels uncomfortable when he sleeps, he can turn it back. This part takes time to train. Parents need more patience. The most important thing is to put the baby on the bed and let the baby show a sleeping position.

Q3: Do you want your baby’s head shape to sleep?

In fact, if you want to make your baby’s head shape look good, you don’t have to sleep on your head. Parents can let their babies sleep on their backs, so that the baby can change the direction of the head when they sleep, so that each side can be evenly pressed. This will not only look good in the head shape, but also prevent the baby’s sleeping in the same direction for a long time, resulting in the skull deformation.

It is rumored that the baby’s sleeping can help the head shape look good, but the head shape is directly related to the growth and development of bone bones. Therefore, it is the most important thing to provide correct nutritional support! Among them, calcium is important for the development of bones of the baby. It is recommended that parents choose calcium with high absorption rate when choosing milk powder, such as calcium citrate, which can help the baby’s bone development. Intersection