The consequences of weight gain during pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy, because the nausea gradually disappeared, and the appetite began to get better, at the stage of pregnancy, the mother’s weight increased rapidly. But be careful! If the pregnant mother’s weight increases too fast, in addition to the time to recover the postpartum postpartum, it is more likely to check the “sugar water testing” card in the pregnancy and suffer from “gestational diabetes”.

Sugar water testing has not been prone to premature birth and giant babies, which affects the baby’s long -term health

Many pregnant moms know that they need to do sugar water testing in the middle of pregnancy, and they often share the focus of sharing sugar.

Gestation diabetes screening at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy is mainly to help mothers and babies pass on an important indicator in the middle of the pregnancy.

“Gestational diabetes can easily cause giant babies, and there are more choice of caesarean section during production; if it is naturally produced, it may face the risk of dystocia.

At the same time, after the baby is born, it is necessary to face long -term adverse effects such as blood sugar metabolism, obesity and intellectual development, and may even form a vicious circle of genetic metabolic diseases. As for the impact of pregnant moms itself, according to the research of BMJ (British Medical Magazine) in 2020, the risk of diabetes in the future is 9.5 times that of gestational diabetes pregnant mumans. ”

Are you a high risk group of gestational diabetes?

Many pregnant mothers say that they are clearly normal before pregnancy, and they usually do not like to eat sweets and exercise regularly, but how can blood sugar instability occur in the second trimester and the state of sugar testing?

Because pregnancy will affect the hormones in the pregnant mother’s body, hormonal abnormalities will cause insulin sensitivity to deteriorate, and the body cannot control blood sugar well, which is the cause of gestational diabetes.

The hormones during pregnancy changes, including the increase in hormones such as lutein and estrogen in the early stage, and during the second pregnancy, the rapidly secreted human placental lactose hormone in the placenta will increase blood sugar. Some pregnant moms cannot produce more insulin, but in a state of hyperglycemia and become patients with gestational diabetes.

High -risk ethnic groups with poor blood sugar control

Do not want to be a sugar mother? The study of the Canadian Diabetes Association shows that it can help stabilize blood sugar through diet, exercise and supplementing specific composite health components

Because gestational diabetes will have a very unfavorable impact on the health of the mother and the baby, it is particularly important to maintain blood sugar stability during pregnancy (Note: blood sugar value is Blood Glucose, referred to as G value)

How to keep the blood glucose value (G value) stable?

The Canadian Diabetes Association guidelines are more effective than single measures:

◎ Change the dietary habits (reduce the intake of starch and improve the design of protein)

◎ Develop exercise habits (150 minutes of medium -intensity exercise per week)

◎ Supplement to help G value balance composite component health products

Don’t want to be a diabetic mother?

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association’s guidelines, the composite prevention method of taking diet, exercise, and supplementing special health components can effectively stabilize blood sugar compared to single measures and help the G value stabilize. Dr. Lu said that the health ingredients that help the G value balance of the Samol and Special Bacteria, and the two -pronged approach can help pregnant mothers to maintain the normal function of insulin and effectively reduce the chance of gestational diabetes.

In order to ensure a sufficient amount of active ingredients, there are also some health products that contain some composite components that can help the G value balance “, helping mothers to easily maintain blood sugar stability, reduce pregnancy diabetes during pregnancy, and subsequent concurrency premature births, giant babies and other problems. Let mothers and babies spend the middle of pregnancy steadily and grow up healthy!