The development of the baby 6 months ago

The growth of the baby is really a wonderful process, and there seems to be some subtle small changes every day. In what stage of the baby should have it? How do you know that the growth of the baby is moving towards the right direction?

0-4 months

Baby’s physiological development

The development of the baby’s intestinal tract is becoming more and more mature, and the ability to digest food is gradually cultivated.

A. The cell gap in the baby’s intestine slowly fit slowly

B. Intestinal bacteria began to be established

The baby’s immunity is being established

The development of the baby’s visual and listening development is more mature. He can see his mother’s face more clear and recognize his mother’s voice!

The baby grows fast: 4 months of weight is two times that of birth.

Baby’s action development

The active baby is starting to learn the control of physical skills

One month after birth: When the baby is lying on his stomach, he starts to lift his chin and see the surrounding environment!

Born 2 months: When the baby is lying on his stomach, he will start to lift his chest, and work harder to look at things around him!

3 months old: The baby can sit well when supporting the chest, and the control of physical movements is becoming more and more flexible!

4 months old: The baby can sit well when supporting the waist, and you can see a wider world!

The establishment of baby emotions

Smile: The baby will smile from a smile to a smile on the person. When the familiar mother and father speak to him, the baby will report with a smile or sound. When the baby is in a good mood, he will scream happily.

Crying: The baby will express it with crying because of uncomfortable or hungry.

Baby’s diet

Mom should feed the baby pure mother breasts to allow the baby to develop healthy.

5-6 months

Baby’s physiological development

Baby’s immunity is better

The baby’s small stomach capacity is about 230g

Baby body fat composition ratio is increased: Baby’s body fat content composition is the highest in the 6th month compared with other infants, because he must store calories for the next rapid growth!

Baby’s action development

The baby is building a language database: Don’t look at the baby just watching the parents quietly. In fact, at this stage, the baby’s language ability is developing, but his mind is starting to accumulate simple vocabulary!
Skills of activity skills continuously improve

Five months: The baby can grab the bell and stretch his hand to what you want. It is a small explorer!

6 months: Babies can not help themselves sit on high chairs. At this time, the mother can start preparing to let the baby join the table of adults and enjoy the sense of participation with their parents!

The establishment of baby emotions

Smile: The baby has understood that the smile can bring people happy, and also know how to use laughter to attract attention. Is it very smart!

Cry: The baby also knows how to use crying to express his unwilling mood, such as fear, anger or disgust

Baby’s diet

Still breast milk. However, the baby has shown eating skills at this time. For example, knowing how to use the tongue to move the paste and other pastes to the behind the mouth to swallow, so the mother can start the non -staple food intervention at this time.