The five major rules improve poor sleep in the later stages of pregnancy

By the end of pregnancy, some of the body’s parts like the weight of the uterus, the fetus, etc., compressed the mother’s body, or other mood changes, make the sleep quality not good. We provide some suggestions to make the mother sleep well and maintain it. Good physical.

● In terms of diet, avoid eating caffeine -containing foods (such as coffee and tea), so as not to interfere with mothers’ sleep.

● Sleep habits (at this time, it is not recommended to lie flat, you can try to sleep on the left)

The amniotic fluid and baby in the uterus in the late pregnancy, whether the volume or weight is not small, lying flat can easily compress the lower limb veins and macro arteries, affecting the blood supply of the uterus. It is recommended that the mother can be bent slightly, a small pillow between the feet, the small pillow below the belly, and the back can also pad a long pillow to support the entire body and reduce the pressure on the spine.

● Adjust the sleep aid body temperature through the external environment

-In summer, the indoor temperature can be adjusted to the cool temperature that the mother feels cool, and then covered with warm objects such as quilts or blankets to create a cold environment and it will be easier to fall asleep.

-In the hot bath before going to bed, it is also a way, because the temperature of the body surface of the bathroom gradually decreases, which helps the mother enter the sleep state.

● Keep a relaxed and happy mood

If there is stress and emotional trouble, in addition to talking to the family to relieve stress, if you really feel trouble, in addition to sleep, even the mood will have a serious impact. Determine whether you need to use drugs to intervene.

● Regular exercise.

During the day, after the mother evaluates her physical condition, she can perform some mild and moderate exercise, consume some energy, and make it better to sleep at night.

What should I do if I can’t sleep in the late pregnancy?

Mommy should try to avoid eating caffeine -containing foods (such as coffee and tea) as much as possible, so as not to interfere with sleep. Other suggestions are like Mommy can try to sleep on the left to soothe the sleeping position to cause the waist to bear more weight. Help sleep well at night and so on!