The uterine leaning will not cause infertility!

According to statistics, every 5 women have one problem with the back of the uterus. Those without symptoms do not have to worry too much, but if there are problems such as lower abdomen pain, menstrual pain, or back pain, it is not even straightforward to the waist rod. When you have severe symptoms, you must find out the cause of the backward pour and treat it to improve it. As for the traditional concept, it is incorrect that the traditional concept can improve the problem of the rear tilt of the uterus. statement!

1/5 women’s concerns

What is the uterine leaning?

The uterus is a pear -shaped hollow organs based on the muscle layer. The above two -thirds of the “uterine body” and 1/3 below are called “cervix”. The uterus is fixed in the pelvic cavity through many ligaments, so that in most cases, when women stand, the uterus will be attached horizontally on the bladder. It is forward; but when the long axis of the uterine body is compared to the vagina angle, it is called “uterine pour” when it is behind the body.

The uterus can generally be divided into “forward leaning”, “backward”, “front flexion”, “back flexion”, etc., but now many people are easily divided into two types. Confusion. The so -called “leaning” refers to the comparison of the overall uterine and the upper part of the vagina, and the uterus is “forward leaning forward” forward, and the “uterine backward” backwards.

The so -called “flexion” refers to the angle between the long shaft of the uterine body and the cervix. Once the uterine body is bent forward, the cervix remains in place, that is, the uterine forward Bending axis is called “behind the uterus”.

The uterus is fixed in the pelvic cavity by the three major ligaments. One is the round ligament, which will pull the uterine body forward to maintain the forward leaning; Third, wide ligaments and main ligaments, the former covers the entire uterus and the latter is horizontal ligament. Although these ligaments can move the uterus freely, they can still be maintained in their position without shift.

1/5 women have uterine leaning back

The incidence of backward tilt is quite high, about 20 %. According to estimates, every five women have one phenomenon of uterine leaning, but many people have no symptoms and feelings.

The cause of the occurrence is divided into two categories: congenital and acquired. Among them, the common causes of acquired nature are pelvic inflammation or sticky, endometriosis, uterine or ovarian tumors, or wide ligaments during the production process, which causes uterine to move Bad formation of uterine backward leaning may also be caused by pelvic ligament relaxation caused by menopause.

As for why the rear pour of the uterus causes menstrual pain or lower abdomen pain? In addition to the endometriosis itself, or the backward leaning of the uterus caused by sticky and muscle adenia, it is more likely to cause dysmenorrhea. When the uterus is tilted back, it will cause the blood flow to flow, which can easily cause blood stagnation accumulation It is not easy to discharge, thereby causing lower abdomen pain or menstrual pain.

Most uterine tilting has no symptoms

However, most of the uterus leaning back to women does not know, because most of them have no symptoms or very mild, they often find this problem during the ultrasonic inspection of pregnancy; in severe cases Classic pain and back pain and other situations, under the torture of pain, discovered the initiative to seek medical treatment.

If women accidentally find that they have the backward phenomenon of the uterus during gynecological examinations, do not have to be too panic. Those without symptoms do not need to be treated, just like some people have a high nose bridge, some people are relatively low, or some people should have a wide shoulder, some people compare with others. Narrow, it doesn’t matter, don’t worry too much.

The vast majority of women leaning back in the uterus do not know, because most of them have no symptoms or very mild, they often find that there are such problems during the ultrasonic inspection of pregnancy.

Once symptoms occur, symptomatic treatment must be treated

However, when symptoms such as menstrual pain, lower abdominal pain, or backache back pain, you can’t wait to look at it! Dr. Lin Kezhen reminded that the cause of the uterus must be found first, and then treated symptomatically to improve the problem of pain. For example, if the diagnosis is diagnosed with pelvic sticky cavity, it must be treated with sticky and peeling; , Then remove it; if it is damaged by the wide ligament of the uterus caused by birth injuries, the hole is made up; if the round ligament of the uterus is relaxed, sew it to the fascia of the rectus muscle, pull it forward, and then pull it forward. Can improve the problem of rear pour in the uterus.

The uterus is not the culprit of infertility!

Traditional concepts believe that one of the reasons why the uterus is infertility is actually a wrong statement. Many women who are leaning or flexion in the uterus have successfully pregnant and have children. The reason why there is such a statement is that after the uterus is leaning or backy, the angle is crooked. When the semen enters the vagina, the sperm cannot be driven straight into the uterus, which will make it difficult to conceive. In fact, this is nothing to do! Because semen will be liquefied after 30 minutes, you can quickly swim into the uterus.

Therefore, the rear pouring of the uterus itself is not the culprit that causes not to get pregnant. Instead, it is the reason for the formation of acquired uterus. Caused the backward tilt, and also affects the chance of women’s conception.

In addition, there are many reasons for infertility, including male factors, cervical factors, uterine factors, fallopian tube factors, ovulation factors, immune and infection factors, unknown causes … must have a complete and detailed examination before they can be known, not after uterine Can be caused by a phenomenon.

The causes of “infertility” include male factors, cervical factors, uterine factors, fallopian tube factors, ovulation factors, immune and infection factors, unknown causes …

Pregnancy and having a child are not a elixir to solve the back of the uterus!

Some women’s factor is suffering from pain in the back of the uterus, and some people suggest: “As long as you are pregnant and have children, you can improve this problem!” Is this true? Doctors said that this is not the case. Pregnancy and having children may not necessarily improve the problem of uterine leaning. As for why there is this? Because some people think that the uterus that is large after pregnancy will automatically improve the problem of backward leaning; or after thinking that after production, the original narrow cervix mouth will be opened, the blood flow becomes smooth, and the problem of menstrual pain will be solved. Therefore It was mistaken for the improvement of the uterus after pregnancy after pregnancy.

In fact, production not only does not improve the backward pour, but some people have worsened their condition! Dr. Lin Kezhen said that if the natal ligament is cracked during natural delivery, it will sometimes lead to the backward leaning of the uterus, or make the original backward problem more serious! Even due to the result of pregnancy, the uterus increased, and the uterus that had been leaning forward normally turned into the backward leaning! Unless it is a woman who is too tight in the uterine ligament, it is possible that during the production process, it becomes soft due to a bit of laceration in the ligament. It is no longer so tight to improve the problem of rear pouring in the uterus.

Make more knee and chest lying, wear less high heels

Women who have the problem of uterine pouring problems, if there are severe symptoms such as menstrual pain, lower abdominal pain, or backache back pain, they should find the cause and treat symptomatic treatment. As for those who have mild symptoms or have no obvious symptoms, Dr. Lin Kezhen suggested that you can do more “knee and chest”. This action is very simple. Do it 4 to 5 times a day and 5 to 10 minutes each time. feel.

The knee and chest lying style is commonly known as the “cat” in yoga. This movement is picked by the lying on the ground. The chest is close to the ground. raise. This action is also often used for pregnant women to correct the fetal position, but avoid doing this after meals.

In addition, it is recommended to wear less high heels. Although the heels are too high, it will not cause the uterus backward, but it will increase the uncomfortable uncomfortable after the uterine backward leaning. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to flat bottoms or low heels.