Understand early pregnancy discomfort: frequent urination

strangeness? Why do I always want to run the toilet now? I thought there would be such a situation until the late pregnancy. Is this normal?

The most obvious phenomenon of frequent urination in the early pregnancy and third trimester

Many mothers only know that in the late pregnancy, because the baby becomes bigger and compressed to the bladder, there will be frequent urination, but they do not know that there will be the same situation in the early stages of pregnancy!

In the early pregnancy, due to the expansion of the uterus, he compressed the bladder, so that the mother often felt urinating;

In the second trimester, the uterus will move up, reducing the pressure on the bladder, so frequent urination will be improved; in the late pregnancy, the older the baby in the belly and the head of the head (prepare for birth). I feel frequent urination again.

Intimate Suggestion

Mom should …

● Daily drinking enough water

30ml of drinking water per kilogram of weight is required. Assuming 50kg of mothers need to drink at least 1500 ml of moisture. Water plays an important role to the mother and baby’s many metabolic reactions. If she is afraid of reducing the amount of drinking water because of the fear of frequent urination, the mother will not help herself with the baby to discharge the metabolic waste through the baby!

● Avoid urination

Excessive urination can easily cause the mother’s urinary tract infection and inflammation.