What food can cause baby allergies?

Food is a common cause of allergies. Since each baby is born to 3 years old, it is biased towards a state of allergies. If the baby inherits the parent’s allergic constitution, any material in the food may become the baby’s allergens!

There are hundreds of foods, but for babies, [milk] is the source of nutrition that they are most often exposed. Professional society in the world advocates breastfeeding, because the protein of mother milk is most likely to be accepted by the baby’s physique. No It is easy to cause baby allergies.

The baby’s immune system is still developing, and it is easy to treat proteins from animals and plants as foreign substances-because these proteins are relatively large compared with the protein of mother milk, the molecules are relatively large. Immune response, and common immune response, such as gastrointestinal discomfort (abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.), skin symptoms (eczema), etc., both make babies and mothers feel trouble!

What should I do if the baby is allergic to milk protein?

Some mothers will have a hate breast milk because of external factors, such as the baby hate breast milk, and the mother must return to the workplace. She must give up her mother’s milk to change the recipe milk. At this time Allergies “— We recommend that when choosing a formula milk, we can consult a professional pediatrician first. The doctor will give the mother and baby proper advice according to the baby’s condition.