Why is it uncomfortable in the early pregnancy: burnout fatigue

Recently, life and schedule are normal, but I started to feel tired and want to sleep. I feel so tired all the time. Am I a cold?

Hormonal change

Don’t worry, this is because pregnancy makes hormones change, making the mother’s body temperature rising slightly (but still less than the degree of fever). Is it a cold? This situation will improve in the middle of pregnancy. Of course, if the mother feels uncomfortable and her body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C. She has to go to the doctor quickly, and at the same time, let the doctor know that you are pregnant!

Vitamin B group intake

If the mother usually eats more delicate foods or three meals is mainly starch, such a dietary form can easily lead to insufficient intake of vitamin B group or even excessive consumption, so it is easy to feel tired.

Vitamin B group can help the body’s energy metabolism and make people more energetic. It is recommended that mothers can choose foods rich in vitamin B groups, such as milk, meat, and whole grains, or with the suggestions of professional medical staff, consume vitamins to eat vitamins Group B supplies to improve fatigue.

Keep a normal schedule

Mom should keep enough sleep every day, normal work, and rest for a while when you are tired, but do n’t sleep for too long, so that you ca n’t sleep at night!