Why is your baby allergic?

My husband and I have allergies. I don’t know if my child will be inherited to allergies ..

There are many reasons for babies, some have great influence, and some have less influence. As the so -called “knowing and knowing the other, hundreds of battles”, mothers need to first understand the “suspects” who are allergic to the baby, and stay away from them.

Verification will affect the risk of allergies

Whether the baby is allergic, is greatly affected by “inheritance”. Let’s see if the risk of allergies in the baby is high or low!

If father and mother …

Both sides have been confirmed to have allergies: the baby belongs to high risk (60-80%)*
One of them confirmed that suffering from allergies: the baby belongs to moderate risk (20-40%)*
No allergies: baby is a low risk (15%)*

Modern people have more allergies. If father and mother have allergic constitution, the risk of allergies for the baby is as high as 60-80%! If the mother can provide the baby’s “correct food” and “a good living environment” early, so that the baby can stay away from the factors that can cause allergies, they can prevent the baby from starting “allergies”!

Genetic allergy risk

In addition, maybe mothers noticed that babies who do not have genetic allergies still have about 15% of the chance of allergies! Intersection The baby may be lucky to be inherited to allergies, but in the living environment that has been exposed to one after another after birth, there are still many factors that can cause allergies to the baby. oh!